How to get the most out of search engines in Vivaldi

  • I'm surprised to see that Google is "not" a partner.

    what? of course is not, and vivaldi aims hopefully to remove every connection with google that are embedded into chromium code.

  • One of my favorite things is typing "yt" for YouTube in Quick Commands, and typing anything I want to search for on YouTube. It's such a quick way of searching YouTube.

    Also, is there a possibility in the future to be able to image search for something in the context menu that isn't through Google? I love being able to right-click an image, and image searching for that image, but hate having to do it through Google. I know Google has that feature to do so through their search engine, but does StartPage or DDG have that ability? I would love it if Vivaldi had that option in the context menu to image search with either StartPage or DDG, as I get discouraged from using such a great feature because I have to use Google for it.

  • I would not mind, if your ebay affiliate program also would work with a search key word e.g. eb .

  • @neltherion: While I don't really know what POST-based search means, while you're editing a search engine in the settings by clicking the pencil icon button next to the search engine, or adding a new search engine, you can check "Use POST Method" to use POST.

  • I wanted to ask that since a long time: How can I add search fields like the one from to Vivaldi?

  • @mau the search string appears simple, just search something and it will be
    so the search string can be entered in search engines as

  • @ian-coog Oh that is easy! I thought it's not possible because the 'add as search engine' entry doesn't show in the right click menu.

  • @mau probably it's not easy to detect all sites' search boxes. Everyone make them differently.

  • One search I like to have is for directions using Google Maps.

    Replace Your+Home+Address+Postal+Code with your own address to search Google maps and automatically receive directions to your search entry.

  • You could restore the old behavior of sensitive case for search engine nicknames and bookmark nicknames, stopped some builds ago. You could give a differentiated attention to my bug report filed for that (VB-32121)... πŸ˜‰

  • @tbgbe: I am not sure about that - because they are not in at all by default, so I don't know if they are covered by the contract.

    It is my private concern if I add the pure string, but strictly speaking adding the vivaldi referral parameter might or might not be OK - I believe it should be OK, but I honestly do not know.

  • @quhno That's quite a list! Mind if we share your screenshot on Twitter/Facebook? πŸ™‚

  • @avi We've discussed this one, and it may be that you're selecting the first suggestion with arrow-down too fast – before Vivaldi has had a chance to fetch the results from the search engine.

  • @margarita Correct, I'm doing it fast. What else you'd expect from a Vivaldi user? Fast typing, I see nothing wrong with this. But I'm pressing cursor down not earlier that the suggestion list appears. And when I press cursor down, the suggestion list quickly reloads, causing this problem.

    I created a topic in a more appropriate place for this: Search suggestions work incorrectly. Thanks for noticing this, I'm trying to bring attention to this problem, because it's the one and only problem that I have with this browser.

  • Vivaldi Team

    @quhno: We bundled Ecosia into Vivaldi a good while ago now, and so it should be aviable for any new installation πŸ™‚

  • I'm Firefox refugee and used there "Context Search X" extension with very convenient option: to move some searches (e.g. most used ones) outside submenu - in main context menu. I would like to see this in Vivaldi too πŸ™‚
    screenshot from mozilla add-ons
    My default search is Yandex, and I added several searches, like imdb,, torrent, urbandictionary. Using them mainly from context menu of selected text.

  • Rather than editing of only specific menus, we need to be able to edit all of them to suit our needs.

    @pesala said in Feature requests for Vivaldi 1.14:

    Allow Editing of Menus

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    At first install I Delete Yahoo and Google.
    Usually use Startpage, Ixquick or DDG although I prefer SP or Ixquick as they allow searching through E.U. servers in their settings.
    The problem with searches and the surfing in general is that any traffic going through a U.S. route is deemed as being a possible target for the TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms).
    As a former researcher however I have found that Bing returns the most Relevant results, not just the most results.
    Also at least Microsoft (Bing) has always been up front with their Terms of Use where others have not.

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    @d0j0p: POST is an HTTP method.

    When you load a website you are using the GET method, which, as the name suggests, gets the resource in the server. Following the logic POST is to post a message to the server.

    The thing is that some searches are not available with GET, only POST, so they were impossible to be added in Vivaldi before. Other search engines, like DuckDuckGo, works on both.

    The main difference between both methods is that with GET you don't send any message, only headers, you are only instructing the server to give you a resource. That's why search engines with this method add the searched text in the URL as query parameters, which are the things added after the ? (question mark), like search=something.

    With POST you send a message, the URL generally does not include any query and all commands are sent inside the HTTP message. One of the advantages of this method is privacy and security as the information is not in the URL, which is "public", your ISP can see the URLs you type and so anyone sniffing your traffic. As the message is inside the message itself it can be encrypted like when using HTTPS and so nobody can know what the request really was.

    For example, when using DuckDuckGo the search result would come as with GET, where MySearch would include whatever I searched for, while when using POST it would always be

    So if someone would sniff my connection when I'm using POST they would know I use DuckDuckGo, but not what search for.

    POST is the default method used when logging in on any website and when saving preferences and account information.


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