Vivaldi window resizes after rebooting

  • Since upgrading to the latest version (and possible earlier), I've found when Vivaldi is opened the window resizes to full screen (not OSX "fullscreen" though, just the largest a window can get).
    If I resize the window, certain events make it resize itself to full again - clicking on a link in an external app, or re-opening a closed tab.

    I can make this go away by closing Vivaldi and reopening it, but from what I can tell, it comes back after rebooting my computer.
    Any configuration files I should try deleting/editing/recreating perhaps?

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    @frogworth I'm trying to think of what might be happening in your situation... There have been some recent issues that caused Vivaldi windows to go into a zoomed (maximized) state. Most of these have been resolved in Vivaldi releases containing the fix to VB-35034.

    There's still an issue where minimizing a Vivaldi window to the Dock will cause new Vivaldi windows to go into a zoomed state. If this happens, you can un-zoom the window with "Opt + Green window control button". Next, put Vivaldi into fullscreen mode and then exit full screen; this will reset Vivaldi's window state and new windows should open normally again.

  • I am having the exact same issue and I can't find any solutions

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    @jakemore I share your frustration. The remaining window resize/zoom issues in Vivaldi 1.13 are being fixed in the Vivaldi 1.14 Snapshots. Hopefully the Vivaldi 1.14 Stable release won't be far away either.

  • @xyzzy Thanks for your suggestion. I just resolved it again for this session by shutting down and restarting Vivaldi, but I didn't know about the opt+green window button thing, so I'll try that next time!
    I might not download a snapshot, but keenly await the stable 1.14 release.

  • I am also encountering this issue on 1.13.1008.36. Every time I reopen Vivaldi after closing it, the window zooms to fill the available screen space.

  • Same for me, and it's been going on for at least 3 different versions… It's not systematic though, but I just could figure out when it did that. I tried the option + green window control trick, but it didn't work, I'm still getting fullscreen windows on startup, sometimes. Also, Vivaldi does not seem to remember the position and size of the window after quitting and relaunching, which is probably related…


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