Vivaldi window resizes after rebooting

  • Since upgrading to the latest version (and possible earlier), I've found when Vivaldi is opened the window resizes to full screen (not OSX "fullscreen" though, just the largest a window can get).
    If I resize the window, certain events make it resize itself to full again - clicking on a link in an external app, or re-opening a closed tab.

    I can make this go away by closing Vivaldi and reopening it, but from what I can tell, it comes back after rebooting my computer.
    Any configuration files I should try deleting/editing/recreating perhaps?

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    @frogworth I'm trying to think of what might be happening in your situation... There have been some recent issues that caused Vivaldi windows to go into a zoomed (maximized) state. Most of these have been resolved in Vivaldi releases containing the fix to VB-35034.

    There's still an issue where minimizing a Vivaldi window to the Dock will cause new Vivaldi windows to go into a zoomed state. If this happens, you can un-zoom the window with "Opt + Green window control button". Next, put Vivaldi into fullscreen mode and then exit full screen; this will reset Vivaldi's window state and new windows should open normally again.

  • I am having the exact same issue and I can't find any solutions

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    @jakemore I share your frustration. The remaining window resize/zoom issues in Vivaldi 1.13 are being fixed in the Vivaldi 1.14 Snapshots. Hopefully the Vivaldi 1.14 Stable release won't be far away either.

  • @xyzzy Thanks for your suggestion. I just resolved it again for this session by shutting down and restarting Vivaldi, but I didn't know about the opt+green window button thing, so I'll try that next time!
    I might not download a snapshot, but keenly await the stable 1.14 release.

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