Keyboard Shortcut to Clear All Closed Tabs in the Window Panel

  • Is it possible to add a command for Clear All Closed Tabs?

  • If you don't like seeing all those closed tabs all the time, you could just close that stack. Alternately, the developers could add an option to hide "Closed Tabs" from the list, just like they have to hide the Pinned Tabs folder.

  • Moderator

    @shickmo This can be done with the Clear Private Data shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+Delete by default) to clear your browsing history.

    It can, as you probably already know, be done from the context menu in the Window Panel.

    0_1539101699497_Clear All.png

    A dedicated shortcut for Clear Closed Tabs might be preferable to clearing your entire browsing history.

    One can also browse in a Private Window.


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