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  • Some panel questions:

    • I had the narrow panel area on the left and added the toggle. Then I unchecked all the panel icons. Now, when I recheck one, such as downloads, it opens a wide area instead of the narrow strip. Short of unchecking all the panel icons, how do I get the wide area not to open, just the narrowed one when I use the toggle? I'd actually prefer a pop up than a wider area, but right now I can't figure out how to get rid of it short of unchecking the item.

    • How does one invoke the new Window Panel (1.13), i.e., tab manager?


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    @highstream I can't really understand what you are saying or asking. How and where do you "uncheck all the panel icons?"

    Understand there are multiple ways to invoke the side panel. You can use the toggle icon on the status bar, you can press F4, you can (as you did) turn on the panel toggle at the side. No matter which method you use to reveal the panel, it should open only to whatever state you left it in when you hid it. If you had none of the actual panels (bookmark, note, download, window, history, any web panel you have added) open when you hid it, then when you reveal it, it should just be the narrow strip with the icons and nothing else.

    The window panel should be on by default, I think. If it's not, go to vivaldi://experiments and turn it on.

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    @highstream The panel toggle, the keyboard shortcut for Panel (default F4), or a mouse gesture if you assign one to "Panel" will show/hide the panel in whatever state it was last used. Click any icon to show/hide that panel, use the toggle or shortcut to hide the panel and the panel toolbar.

    One can also assign shortcuts to show/hide individual panels, including any web panels that you have added. If you no longer use a web panel much, but don't want to delete it, you can clear the checkbox to hide its icon from the Panel Toolbar.

    0_1512627374371_Settings Keyboard View Panels.png

    Individual panels, in my case Gmail, can have a separate width to allow them more space than the other panels. The default width of the panels, or the width of individual panels with "Separate width" checked, can be changed with the double-arrow cursor.

    0_1512627748268_Panel Width.png

    Panels may also be placed on the right of the window in Settings, Panel.

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