Spatial navigation does not allow the selection of 2 or more words using touchpad

  • spatial navigation does not allow the selection of words using touchpad not mouse If I trying to select 2 or more words in a webpage in a netbook without mouse using its touchpad because I want to use them in another page like Wiki or windows by copy them I can not do it because the spatial navigation of Vivaldi does another thing. Try do it in a web page: try to select 2 words if you can!!! 1 word easy... with double click... but the second word when you press Shift+Rigth arrow.... impossible!!!! because the selection 1st word does not continuous with shift+ arrow.... I expect to have a field to check or descheck spatial nav in tools>options I am forced to use spatial navigation but do not want, I just only want to select 2 words this item or issue was reported by bug page.

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