Final Fantasy 14

  • Any players here? Let's connect!

  • Zodiark Server o/

  • Cerberus over here !
    Ready for the extension ? :p

  • Quite an old topic. But yep, player here! :) Zodiark like dawnson <3

  • still playing FFXIV ?

  • @Firtel Yup :)

  • Banned

    Are the players bored yet? This Game is old. Don't worry try a different platform that would surely be able to sustain some players that are still interested until they get bored.

    Here we go free promotion. Appreciate the graphics and animation. [Thumbs Up]

  • Banned

    Just a suggestion that different species may have already realized perhaps to incorporate VR or AR technologies. Where gamers wear a headset, phone, electronic device; spectacles (glasses) that places you in a virtual setting; enclosed in a room, area, space, cell such as their home and species could actually be physically moving in front of their television screen; (Working out that requires physical exertion) while in a simulated environment that gives the player the impression they are in the "Final Fantasy" world slaying monsters.

    Environmental Shift (Climate Change) are constantly editing/moderating/altering/making changes to the world that all different species from different regions of the world are consistently having to experience while some species may actually have decided to eventually settle down (rest) and just take a virtual trip instead of going all the way to a different habitat(environment) to be disappointed with an ideal that doesn't match or fit with their own mind.

    The positive aspect/facet about this kind of technology is that is doesn't actually require the participant(player) to induce or take any form of external tablet.

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