Lots of problems today

  • Today the following problems started

    1. When I open the browser I get a blank page instead of my normal home page

    2. If I click on a hyperlink in Thunderbird with the browser closed, thr browser opens but doesn't go to the link

    3. If the browser is already open and I click on a hyperlink in Thunderbird, nothing happens. However if I do this I cannot open a new tab with the '+' on the top of the browser. If I don't click on the hyperlink in Thunderbird, I can open a new tab

    I'm not sure whether I have a Vivaldi issue or a Thunderbird issue. Likely Vivaldi since I have this home page issue without Thunderbird being open. I checked under OPTIONS and my home page is selected as my start page.

    Any help will be appreciated.

  • Moderator

    @duhmel Sounds like it could be interference from an extension. You use extensions? Did you install a new one yesterday or this morning?

  • @ayespy
    4) I after the browser is opened I try to click on a URL in Thunderbird, nothing happens and then if I try and open anything like tools>extensions or History, nothing happens. I have to close the browser and if then I click on the URL in Thunderbird an old webpage comes up and I can't get any other tabs.

    With respect to you question about extensions, I haven't added any recently but I did upgrade the Vivaldi browser. I unloaded all of the extensions but this didn't change the behaviour.

  • @duhmel Checking into the start page issue. I have selected under Startup with "HOMEPAGE". Under HOMEPAGE is the URL for the page I want to start with . When I open the browser I get the 'start page' picture that I selected under 'start page'. So although I have selected to start with a specific page, the browser is going to the 'start page'.

  • I just restarted my computer and voila, everything is working. Go figure!!!


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