Notes about Vivaldi so far

  • I've been taking notes for about two days, and here's what I've noticed so far. This is from using Vivaldi exclusively, except when I absolutely had to switch to Chrome to watch a Youtube video and rate some books on No Ctrl-F5 -- clear cache and refresh? I use this ALL THE TIME, and I'm pretty sure a lot of others do as well. When gmail saves a draft, you can't type any more until you click back in your "compose" window. It's like the cursor unfocuses as soon as you stop typing enough to save a draft Some Youtube videos low quality -- so far, this has only happened once to me, but a video would only play in 360p resolution. The same video in Chrome played at full 1080p. Goodreads can't rate books (Java?) -- I just signed up for Goodreads because of a recommendation by a friend, and when I was trying to rate some books right after setting up my account, I would get an error each time. Based on the symptoms, this very much seems like a Java issue, but it's hard to say for sure. I haven't updated Java in awhile, so this may be completely irrelevant. Can't drag tabs to create new windows -- I really like the tab stacking and whatnot, but I use dual monitors, so if I want to drag a Youtube video over to my other monitor while I do other things, I'd like to just be able to drag the tab, rather than open a new window and browse to it manually Sorry if any of these issues have already been addressed. I'm not entirely sober right now, so I only spent a minute or so reading through the existing posts. I just started making notes, because at first I was annoyed about the Goodreads thing, but the Gmail cursor issue was really, really irritating. And thought I would make a post and try and give some (at least mildly) useful feedback. I will say that I absolutely love the lower memory usage of Vivaldi, as well how beautiful it is, and so I'd like to use it as my primary browser if some of these more annoying issues are dealt with. Can't wait for the full release!!! 😃

  • @WaydeUltima:

    I'm not entirely sober right now, …

    This is possibly one of the funniest things I have ever read on a forum. Honest and to the point. Welcome here! 🙂

  • I really agree with the drag-tab-out feature, it's one I use a lot.

    I'm also confused by the ctrl-tab and ctrl-shift-tab feature, what order does that switch by? I'm used to it switching in tab order

    Lastly in Google Chrome F6 focuses the omnibar/address bar, dunno why that's different.

  • @Pangea:

    Lastly in Google Chrome F6 focuses the omnibar/address bar, dunno why that's different.

    I'd hazard a guess and say that Vivaldi uses F8 simply because Opera used it 🙂 To this day, after more than a decade with Opera, followed by two quite sad years with FF (and Chromium and new Opera), I'm still not entirely used to pressing F6. So using Vivaldi was a great relief in this regard 🙂

    The only thing I'm missing when it comes to switching focus to address bar is that in Opera, pressing F8 and then Tab switched me to the search field. In Vivaldi, for some reason, it's F8 and then Tab TWICE. Drives me nuts 😉 (And yes, I do use the dedicated search field.)


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