Last Session Tabs Doesn't get restored

  • This issues has been a perennial problem with Vivaldi. The earlier version was working fine but the problem of last session tabs not getting restored seems to have cropped up in the latest version again. Though I like Vivaldi this problem stops me from using it as I open several tabs as a part of my daily work!

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    @hari_ghk Do you use any extensions, system security, or system file cleaning software (like CCleaner)?

  • @hari_ghk Can you check with the Windows task manager if all Vivaldi processes really close when you close Vivaldi?

    Sometimes session loss is caused by ghost processes that linger around for whatever reason. If Vivaldi then starts anew, often the session is lost.
    If not everything breaks you should be able to get your tabs back by clicking on the Trash bin next to the window control button and re-open all tabs of the last used window.

    To mitigate this try using V-button >File > Exit instead of the [X] to close Vivaldi, usually that closes all processes quite reliably.

  • @ayespy I have used a few extensions on Vivaldi. I use a system cleaning software called "Jet Clean". I also use "AVAST" Premium anti-virus software. Thank you for your response!

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    @hari_ghk First, check the issue that QuHno mentioned above, that when Vivaldi shuts down there are no "ghost" processes that linger. If there are, please let me know and I'll guide you to the couple of things that might remedy this.

    If there are no ghost processes, yet you continue to lose sessions, double-check that Jet Clean is not "cleaning" the Vivaldi directory - whitelist or exclude it or whatever you have to do, or temporarily uninstall Jet Clean and see if this fixes it. The important thing is to run down what's causing the problem. It's not a normal feature of Vivaldi to simply lose sessions.

  • @ayespy said in Last Session Tabs Doesn't get restored:


    Thanks for the input, suggestions seems to be very valid. I have to reinstall Vivaldi before I can check on the solutions! I will get in touch with you if the problem persists even after following the solutions provided by you! Thanking you!

  • Hi, reinstall does nothing, you have to refresh your profile.
    Please use forum search I am not not at my workplace to give you links.
    Cheers, mib

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