• I suggest to implement ePub reader in the browser directly. I can't find a good epub reader extension at the chromeshop. The Microsoft browser has ePub reading built in their browser. Vivaldi could do this also. Thank you.

  • @renes I see no reason why anyone would downvote your feature request, although the right place to post it would be in the Feature Request thread.

    I use Calibre reader for viewing e-books, but being able to view them directly in the browser would be convenient for some users.

    Post in the Feature Requests thread

    Read Gwen's post on how to make a clear feature request.

  • I had a look at the e-pub reader in Microsoft Edge. It is quite powerful:

    • Different themes like Reader View in Vivaldi
    • Set font size
    • Read aloud
    • Easy navigation with a slider

    I added your feature request to the appropriate thread.

    @pesala said in Feature requests for Vivaldi 1.14:

    E-pub Reader Like Microsoft Edge

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