Vivaldi for Linux ARM, including the Raspberry Pi

  • What would I do with a Raspberry Pi... Let me think...

    ...if I'm in bad mood I might use it to calculate all decimal digits of Pi and prove mathematics wrong claiming it to be an irrational number πŸ˜‰

    ...or, if I'm in good mood, I wight just use it as a file/DLNA-server for our local network (replacing the rather dumb "server" from the dsl-router) with active syncing to our dedicated web server.

  • Ya know, I could relegate my Pi Zero W as a security camera and turn the Raspberry Pi B into a home server, media center, or I can create an email server!

    Host my own e-mail address so people think I'm professional and fancy.

    Or I can do some crazy LED programming for Christmas this year! (If I can figure that out.)

    OH man, the possibilities are endless. I just got my Pi Zero and I've been tinkering with it ever since.

    If I win, I"ll take pics of me holding the Pi!

  • My plan is super simple: automatic plant growth monitor. It'd monitor the soil, pump some water when needed and take photo once so I can focus on browsing the web more πŸ™‚

  • I want to use Raspberry as the main computer to reduce power consumption, reduce the computer's resources, thanks to this, I will be able to learn programming and help with testing my favorite Slackware and Vivaldi.

  • I am going to try and build a wireless controller for our Pentair EasyTouch spa & pool control system... did all the research in Vivaldi and was about to order a Raspberry Pi from Amazon, but this would be way cooler! Cheers!

  • I have 3 Projects with Raspy

    1. with mame, some buttons and Wood... I build an Γ‘rcade machine

    2. remote server, with Linux, jenkins, node.js, svn and more!

    3. a multimedia center

  • Welllll, had an idea of putting an Arduino or RaspPi with various sensors into a family cottage, to check temperatures, and control some of the heating/water remotely, soo, if going off there for a weekend you could pre-heat and get the water running before you're there, also maybe attach some security features and of course a cam or two to monitor the outside... aaaand one cam to check on that beautiful lake view (I'm from Finland, we have nice lakes, also cold winters so this does have some practical use :p)

  • @ruario My next Raspberry Pi project is to take 5 different Pi's and place them around various places in Iceland. They will each take interval photos all day and at night upload a video of the entire day playing back in high speed. Clouds, snow, etc. The videos will then be on my website for anyone to use. ie) They will be public domain.

  • My Project: Play music with your pi and display the current song:
    how it looks like:

    Control it using a usb IR-remote:

    Works with pi 1-3, usb soundcard for better sound recommended.

    If you like this project, gift the pi to somebody who needs it for some other cool project, I have the pis I need.

  • @allo: By the way, this is using midori/firefox for display, feed free to modify it to use vivaldi!

  • @ruario Does that mean we can hope for Vivaldi on SailfishOS/Jolla?

  • My RasPi will be along for all my presentations - plug it into the projector, run the slideshow in the vivaldi browser. Plus general tinkering. Lots of tinkering.

  • Vivaldi on a Raspberry Pi makes me very happy. I'm working on a series of night lights for my child that can be turned on and off by her as well as the color will indicate when it's time to get up or if she needs to go back to sleep(not wake up the parents yet)

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    My own Rasp Pi ?? Would love to use one to compete with me school's computers and use it as "marketing" for Vivaldi browser !! (Already convinced 10 people to use it as their main browser )

  • Hi. I have this super easy to do project. What I need:

    • Raspberry pi.
    • 7" Touch screen.
    • USB audio interface w/ MIDI and quality audio I/O
    • General purpose midi foot-pedal controller.
    • Custom made box (3D printed). Minor wiring and assembly.
    • Install Pure Data.
    • Program some patches.

    Then it's just a matter of:

    • Connect my guitar & amp to it.
    • Play.
    • (Hopefully) Be heard and liked/disliked.
    • Check Vivaldi for news [edit: and, "when it's readyβ„’", read email] between pauses.

    Piece of cake.

  • I have never done a Raspberry Pi project before but what I would like to try out is the Pi Music Box.

    Also of course testing Vivaldi syncing with the Raspi and my other Computers πŸ™‚

  • Fantastic! Now we can dream on possible roject for Android on the future? πŸ˜‰

    Excelen work!

  • an IoT bird feeder, for gathering data about weather conditions and food level, also avaible as real-time app for community. a mini science project for a local ngo, standing for nature conservation πŸ™‚

  • Hmmm I have a lot of ideas in my mind.
    My main one is to try out my Pyhton skills and build via openCV + a camera a system that i have a way to recognize whether a passanger is crossing a certain route

    • my extra crazy idea to have a project where:
      a Raspberry Pi will run in headless mode that will gather HF RFID tag values in order to assist a Background Data Collection Application.
      This application will get data provided by a WSN that consists of RFID readers which are connected to an other Raspberry Pi which would serve as slave for the measurement and a master Raspberry PI (yours I hope) responsible for the storage and the communication between the data and the central repository!!!!


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