Vivaldi for Linux ARM, including the Raspberry Pi

  • It would be better to proceed develop Vivaldi for Windows XP. In the world computers with Windows XP 1 000 000 times more than RasPi.

  • Crazy is not allowing a child the chance to experience the technology that most of modern society takes for granted. Case in point, my child's school: technology and the arts have somehow ended up low on their list of priorities. In order for me to help my daughter learn and remain competitive, I have taken the challenge of stepping in and teaching her what I can with just the resources I am able to provide. She is smart, she is inquisitive, and yet a disappointing, bureaucracy-laden school system is failing her. My daughter wants to know how things work, she wants to learn how a circuit turns electricity into zeroes and ones, asks me consistently what it takes to make her own website, and says she wants to display "Hello, World!" in as many computer languages as she can. I could only imagine the possibilities with the Pi, the experiments she would perform, if she had a little computer she could call her own. My project, perhaps not that crazy, is investing in my daughter's future. Thanks!

  • Hi, for me it is more interesting how Vivaldi is running on Raspberry Pi?

    Cheers, mib

  • I would love to set up a mobile media station so my wife has something to watch video while working on projects or looking up tutorials for new techniques. I could give her the laptop for that and use this as MY new toy!

  • I already have an Orange Pi machine running and tracking commercial flight and send the data to FlightAware, FlightRadar24, and RadarBox24.

    If I got this Raspi, I can use it to build a home kiosk using unused LCD monitor which will run 24/7 so I can browse the web anytime without the need to open the laptop or hesitate with small screen on smartphone. My daughter will surely love it too because she could have access to Youtube almost any time and it's easy to us (parents) to supervise because the kiosk would be located in the living room.

    While the machine will always be on, I can also use the resource to track commercial ships (AIS) because my house situated just about 20 km from the Indian ocean.

  • I have a project with school mates about home automation on rpis... We were looking for a starter kit to start messing around with some code, this just might be it !
    For more details, our project is to make home automation more accessible to people, especially people with disabilities that could greatly benefit from it.
    Sorry if my english isn't that great, good luck everyone 🙂

  • I would like to use raspberry pi for monitorig my newborn.

  • Automate the home systems would be pretty cool to start with. Also plugging it on the big screen to browse on Vivaldi would be awesome!

  • I plan to build a portable gaming console, using a pi zero and an old Nintendo DS, I have laying around. Should be fun 🙂

  • Vivaldi Translator

    @gruz7848: The issue doesn't come from Vivaldi, but from Chromium. Chromium supports x86/x86_64 and ARM. But doesn't support Windows XP. The cost to support RPi from Vivaldi point of view, is a few hour of devs, especially since as it's said in the blog post, they won't work hard on it. The cost of supporting Windows XP, again from Vivaldi point of view is hundreds of thousands of man/hour.
    It's just not comparable, and it's not possible with the ressources of Vivaldi right now.

  • Wow, lots of good ideas here, u have nothing comparable ^^
    I guess i would just try to experiment a bit of hacking on the OS without messing with my personal computer :3

  • Can I sign up for “the most unstylish project” contest?

    I have a spare wireless optical mouse and I will make it a door/window sensor. Just stick the mouse to the door and use Raspberry pi to send alert when mouse signal detected…

  • @olomorn: "*I have nothing comparable" duh

  • My husband is a programmer on the Android platform.
    I was very interested, but I decided to start programming with microcontrollers. I always wondered how a clever house is arranged.
    Now I'm learning to program on arduino mega.

    I already have an idea that I dream of embodying, but it seems to me that arduino will not be enough for me. I recently read that RPI3 supports Android Things officially.
    I would really like to try switching to RPI3 and the Android Things platform, especially since my husband can always help me))))

    My idea is "smart nanny."
    The child in the crib will be followed by RPI3. Using the camera and computer vision (or AI), RPI3 will be able to distinguish between different poses of the child (sleeping, standing, sitting) and proceeding from the pose will decide whether to wake up mom or not))))
    Also, nanny will be able to determine contactlessly the temperature of the child and the humidity of his bed linen in order to always change the linen in time.
    I also have many ideas for developing this direction, but this is my little secret))))

    The presence of an ethernet port will be an excellent option, because I'm a little worried about the radio waves near the children. Radio waves can be not very useful radiation.

    And yes, I'm a girl)

  • I'm just want to make a li-fi device!

  • I used my Raspi as an answering machine in the Telexphone network, a (in the meantime) worldwide network used and built enthusiasts to connect their (mechanical or electronic) teletype machines together.
    ASR 33 Teletype
    (cc-by-2.0: Dominic Alves from Brighton, England)

  • The good plan is to use it to demonstrate the Vivaldi possibilities to Coworker or friends, because most of time they want to see it in action before to install it on their personal computer.

    The good news is I'll be able to use Vivaldi on my TV 🙂

  • actually, i dont need a raspberry. i just want sticker, please. i'm vivaldi fan (and old opera 12), that sticker very meaningful to me

  • Some dockered Owncloud or whatever projects come to my mind.
    For sure browsing the web with the world’s best browser, now even on ARM. Keep up the good work!

  • I will use RasPi as SDR to catch-up ADS-B signals from airplanes 😉 And maybe as central hub of my temperature and humidity sensors which I have in glasshouse and cellar.


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