Vivaldi for Linux ARM, including the Raspberry Pi

  • RPI? Woooo! πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜ƒ

    Idea for project?...
    Power / water consumption analyzer for my whole flat with remote sensors (via ESP8266).
    Including www interface for charts.

  • I would use it to run Zabbix server so that I can analyse how much CPU and RAM is being used by Vivaldi when browsing. πŸ™‚ Because right now I find it very efficient.

  • I would use it as a tiny web development server for storing my web stuff and playing around with more web dev projects.

  • This escalated quickly ^^

  • I would do some more learning and then make small laptop or something.. Maybe a robot or vacuum cleaner xd

  • I am running a Kibana dashboard on an old Pi but it's running sub-par. With a brand new PI and my everyday browser on it, I could make Dashboards great again.

  • The third idea:

    Of course, use it for my own purposes (not only for the benefit of the public))))

    1. I'm an Android programmer and I want to make my own NAS and Git server with a RAID array to store the code. This is really important for me. I plan to develop my own software for easy access to the server's file system with Android smartphone. With a friendly interface.
      Of course, using a small display will be an ideal solution.
      Through Vivaldi, I can organize output of all the information on the server's operation (health of hard disks, the occupied volume of hard disks, IP address, occupied RAM memory, etc.)

    2. I know that on RPI3 there is a firmware based on Android TV OS. For me it would be a perfect analogue of an expensive TV with Android TV.
      I'm developing software specifically for Android TV and it's quite difficult for me to work with an emulator on a PC. This would be an ideal solution to the problem.
      The presence of GPIO will help to realize the work with any remote controls.

    3. I want to make my car "smart")))
      Navigation, control of all sensors, bluetooth synchronization, radar distraction and much much more. I've already tried to start on Arduino, but it's not possible to implement a nice, animated user interface)))

    4. Well, a small surprise for my wife is a home karaoke center.
      She likes to sing very much. Professional karaoke machines cost unreal money. I thought of using RPI3 for this purpose.
      The most interesting in this implementation will be - screen emulation (as installed on concert sites). The image from the camera will be framed so that the face can be clearly seen and in realtime a background and special effects will be added to simulate the shooting by the operator on the concert stage.
      If you have a large TV - it will be very nice and interesting)))

  • Well, I considered getting a Pi for some time now, so I guess that is my chance?!

    I want to educate myself better in computer networks and BSD / Linux in general. Want to setup a mail server, a dns server, possibly some routing functionality, do some remote tasks (ssh) and maybe run a website -- all the things that I could also just do with a virtual machine, but it is just more fun with a dedicated device for it (and especially with the mail and web server it just makes more sense if you got one device which is running all the time)!

    Once I'm done with the rest, I guess I'll configure a Tor relay.

  • I'm new into IoT development (I played around a little with Arduino) thus I'm not fully sure what could be done but I'd love to use Vivaldi on my TV. Thus this would be my first project.

  • Media box or nas or both. Both could be useful would prolly decide depending on capabilities, that said i don't need much nas, simple stuff for book/data sync etc, prolly with achievable with some media pi distro anyway πŸ˜ƒ

  • Awesome!!
    My project will be an owncloud and a Vivaldi TV browser!!!

  • Moderator

    RasPi as Satellite TV recording box and Vivaldi as video client.

  • Hi,

    I would like to do something like these with RPI:

    1. Motion-sensing instruments
    2. Computer for kayakers and for the trainers (RPI3 + RPI Zeros)
    3. Netradio station
    4. Shared P2P encrypted backup network for max. 3-4 participants
    5. NAS for the family
    6. Home security system
    7. Photo sync/storage server for devices
    8. Home info provider (Notes, homeworks, calendars etc.) for the family
    9. Photoframe

    and so on…

  • An system for my car which i could surf on the internet

    Maybe i could use it for a sos system for crashs/accidents

  • @banz: The Ruario and the Banz. The Ruario and the Banz. One is a genius, the other's insane!

  • Simply want to make everything in my house going automatically so think about the lights and the curtains, and time it and stuff.
    This would be so dope and a good start to saving some money on the electronic bills.

  • Cool! πŸ™‚

  • Plans for my Pi? When using it as a desktop, I might just replace Raspbian with Elementary OS for desktop usage, and maybe put Kodi on it, connect it to my TV and replace our cable with it entirely! Raspberry Pi will save me lots of money!

    If fast enough for daily usage, it could make me use my laptop as a server, and I'd have a better desktop experience.

  • I would use it as a home server for my web-site, email server, to share torrents.

  • I would use it to turn my printer into a wireless printer


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