Vivaldi for Linux ARM, including the Raspberry Pi

  • I have plans to use Vivaldi Raspberry Pi in a hackathon to give solutions 4.0 for industries (the next industrial revolution, I'll improve some area using IoT and maybe AI. 😃

  • What wouldn't I do with a RPi? I would probably start out with making a RetroPi, than later on either try out home automation or most likely become a cloud server.

  • Usuária na minha televisão com central de mídia, mas só com a garrafa ficaria muito feliz 🙂

  • I have many ideas that I planned to implement when I have Raspberry Pi Model 3.

    The first idea:
    City terminal "Open Internet".
    It will be offered for installation directly on the streets of the city.
    The vandal-proof triminal (touchscreen + Raspberry Pi Model 3) through which any user can access the Internet to search for the necessary information:

    • City map
    • Phones and addresses of various organizations (pharmacies, hospitals, educational institutions, government organizations, etc.)
    • Timetables
    • People search on social networks
    • Timetables and addresses of museums, cinemas, exhibitions, etc.
    • Information for emergency care
    • Exchange rates, weather, time
      And much more.
      Of course, the URL filtering service will be provided to exclude "bad" sites)))))

    Under these tasks Raspberry Pi Model 3 perfectly suits. And the presence of Vivaldi browser simplifies the task many times! All this can be implemented on the basis of a web site.

  • I would us a Raspberry Pi as a desktop replacement and my first Pi project would be learning Python.

  • Nothing too crazy - just wanna get everything that can provide some data and make a safe gateway from raspberry pi to be able to get the data and do something with it from other devices.

    I mean for example IP cameras. They are often not secured at all, giving away your streams without password if you put it on the internet. Web admin panel requires a password but the stream itself does not.

    Same goes for all IOT stuff, from heater controller to wifi controlled RGB lightbulbs.

    I wanna isolate all these things with raspberry, "hack" they protocols if needed and then make raspberry a safe gateway that will let outside world to securely read the data from such devices and control them via some API.

    Later some custom bare electronic devices may be used. I always wanted to build automatic and/or smartphone controlled window blinds.

    I think I'm gonna later use 2nd Raspberry too to provide web interface to the Internet that connects to that API, so I will be able to view and move my cameras, see weather sensors current and history data, turn the lights on and off, set automation rules for the lights or blinds etc.

    2nd raspberry could also be used as a desktop computer, so I can put Vivaldi there that will directly display hosted web interface.

    Or instead of making it a desktop computer - I may try to connect some small touch-enabled screen and make it an small "overview" device that let me quickly switch some settings and get information about camera feeds that was recorded when I was away.

    I don't have much time for this, but I've already started writing some stuff for the cameras using node.js. I need to learn more about electronics though.

  • My next Raspberry Pi project will be domotic-related, using it to control some door locks, close and open the blinds or to control the irrigation system of my garden.

  • I've been looking at these for years - I now have time to try something creative. Probably something to do with music.

  • As a junior computer vision and Machine learning engineer, i'd love to have a RaspPi to play with on some deep learning for object recognition...

  • I will use it to ddos your webpage and servers for sync 🙂 just for fun 😃

  • Thank you, Vivaldi team. A good browser for Raspberry PI is something, what we need :). I think I would use another Raspberry PI device as secure desktop 😃 (my current one is used as home multimedia center :))

  • What I would do with an RPI...
    Since I'm still a student, I would go with the obvious choice...
    Getting it to do my work for me...
    Homework and part-time included so I can focus on the more important things in life... like gaming.

  • I have no crazy idea, just make my tv smarter, and browser should be part of it + plus video player and hyperion with ambiled for backlight.

  • My plan is to create a web/development server that I can access remotely; some kind of a private AWS. Right now I'm using an old HP PC which uses a lot of electricity. A Raspberry Pi should cut down my energy use significantly.
    In reality, though, I'm more likely using it as a media server or SNES emulator.

  • @jozefkascak 😆 (literally)

  • I would install "PiHole" du block more fuckin crap advertising.

  • Hey !
    I would use it as a picture sharing instance over a HTTP server.

    What ?
    When I go to my parents' home, we like to take family pictures and then, watch it on the TV. Using smartphone or real camera is not confortable due to the small screen.

    Solution ?
    Wifi SDCard like Eye-Fi + Real camera or Smartphone Camera
    Raspberry + HTTP Server + Vivaldi for clientside Slideshow

    I would install a HTTP server and a web-solution to display every pictures in a know location. The Wifi SDCard and/or smartphone will push the pictures (or short movies) in this location.

    Since I know web programing, I will develop a website to display pictures/movies. Vivaldi will be the webbrowser clientside of course !

  • This is fantastic! I would asap work on my study homework. Actually i couldn't get an Pi yet, but this would help me sooo much to get into practicing my skill for my exams. You guys rock!

  • The second idea:

    I have several comrades who ask me to help them solve some problems:

    1. One comrade has several gaming machines for children in the city park. Because of their age, gaming machines have become unusable. Control boards broke. I would like to help a friend and use Raspberry as the control board of a gaming machine.

    2. The second friend owns a small family cafe. He want to make an electronic menu with a demonstration of photos of dishes. The peculiarity is that this menu will collect the analyst about the direction of the person's view, in order to find out the most attractive positions in the menu. This requires computer vision. To display the menu is ideal Vivaldi browser 🙂

  • Nice work guys, keep it up! Can't wait to try Vivaldi on my RPi. My next RPi project is a 3d printed desktop mounted robotic arm that acts as a 3rd hand. I am always wishing for another hand when soldering or working on a project. It will be voice controlled via ROS on the pi much like JARVIS from Iron Man. 🙂


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