Vivaldi for Linux ARM, including the Raspberry Pi

  • I'm a University student currently on placement, and in September I'll be going into my final year and will be looking to create a final year project. My idea is to produce a server rack fan via a raspberry pi, capable of being automated to activate at specified temperatures, trigger emails alerts and fire suppressants at dangerous temperatures, and if possible record the temperatures for monitoring purposes.

  • I would like to find out how I could use Pi for Data Science use cases.

  • Having a small Raspberry Pi to plug on the TV would be nice. :)

  • Proxy server

  • @jozefkascak: you are gonna do DISTRIBUTED attack with single device? wow

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    @jozefkascak You wont get a RasPi for this, dear.

  • I would like to build mosquito destroyer based on web cam, Raspberry Pi with OpenCV and laser from DVD writer which will recognize mosquitoes and shoot them down with laser beam =)

  • My car is old, it's time for a modernization, a media center would go well. How about one built with rapsberry? vivaldi and Kodi, happy life.

  • Hmm, I would like to feed my pi with footage of the doorbell camera, and use face recognition to play custom doorbell sounds for individual visitors. Then I can decide if it's worth letting them in without interrupting what I'm doing (browsing with Vivaldi obviously ^^).

  • That's great news! Earlier this year I bought a Samsung Chromebook Plus and the thing I miss the most from my Linux machine was was Vivaldi. Things are looking nice for me...

    With a raspberry pi I would like to make a sort of set-top stereo machine. I would buy a blueray read/write disk tray (compatible with Linux) and hook it into the raspi via USB. I want to store large amounts of music on physical media in addition to a hefty (USB) hard drive. I want physical media because it feels more satisfying to pop in a disk 😅. Lastly, I would make it have internet connectivity and youtube-dl streams etc.

    I might even see how much I can compact this and make it portable, but for now it's gonna be like a retro stereo. In my head this sounds really interesting lol.

  • Who needs a smart car if one can have a smart bike?
    My RasBike will not only get the mandatory speedometer, (trip) odometer, and estimated calorie consumption caclulator, but also a controller for a smart front light (turning into curving direction with DC motor), GPS and a OpenStreetMap based navigation system on its (detachable, portable) touch display, Spotify through LTE, a seismic sensor to activate an alarm if the locked bike is tried to get stolen and of course customizable alarm signals replacing your old bell. Ever wanted a cheap action cam on your bike? Just attach the extra USB camera and go for it. Cool animated LED stripes at your frame? No problem. Automatically extending spacers if a car comes too near again? Well, maybe we need an even larger battery pack and a second Pi for that one :-)

  • I have two major projects planned. The first one is a modular arm mounted computer prototype. One of the major problems with wearable technology is its limited capacity for upgrades. The system will use a Pi as the base with a touch screen. Using the USB and GPIO pins the system can be extended with small upgrade chips. At the very least it will be useful as a portable Linux terminal and hardware debugging system.

    The other project is a touch based UI and voice command system. This ties into the other project, but I would consider it separate as it is intended to be cross platform. It will use CMU Sphinx for the voice command so everything should work locally. The user interface will probably be written with Kivy in Python 3. This project has been on the back burner for a while, my Pi's keep ending up as RetroPie systems.

    Naturally I could just wait for Acumos to be released and start working on Skynet. AT&T and the Linux Foundation will be glad to know that their project will be put to good use.

  • My project is a small bartender. Raspberri pi will control the valve on the pipe connected to a bottle of vodka. According to voice command, he will pour the vodka into the glass - 50 ml, 100 ml or full glass.

  • I plan to control my garden lights with the RPi. Every lamp will be controlled independently and will have two light sources one white light(dimmable), one rgb light.
    White will be for every day use and the rgb will be for parties and holidays :) - blinking, pulsating, color changing and other goodies.
    Plus few motion sensors(direction detecting) to control separate sections of the garden in every day use.
    I've already buried extra cables to control the lights :)

  • I have been thinking about trying to make a robot to help people with difficulties in locomotion. It would follow them around their house and notify someone else through e-mail or text message if there were any accidents. With this RPi, I’d just have to get a camera module.

  • I would make my vegetable garden into a greenhouse. Raspberry Pi would be used to make an automatic control of temperature, humidity, light and irrigation, and also detect and send me an email when my tomatoes are red. Or better I’ll use it to monitor my aquarium: temperature, chemical levels and also food. Now I could use Vivaldi for the web interface I have written on python.

  • Vivaldi for ARM great :D
    I just tried it with a tablet but i guess i ran into problems with chroot environment. Nvm.
    I will have to set up my media player again.

    As for my next project i want to build some kind of bord computer for my motocycle. It is air-cooled and takes quite some time to warm up but also overheats in the city. The temperature indicators on the market dont fit the design well.
    So i want to have a sensor to read the temperature and change the background light of the analog revmeter from blue over white to orange, according to the temperature.
    Next step would be a battery guard, maybe GPS tracker, miles and more :D
    Already got the sensors but havent decided on the sbc. Hopefully i find some time this winter.

  • I would run home web server and Smart home central system.

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    I just finished a project I had to do for my graduation, a system to control personnel access into a room through WiFi and/or Bluetooth.

    You can set timetables for when the user is allowed to enter the room, allow users and guest temporary access into the room, logs of such accesses, a web interface to request access and control users and an API with JSON so other interfaces can be created. It uses CouchDB as the database which awesomely works out-of-the-box with zero configuration.

    It was quite a challenge as I never programmed with sockets or databases before and had to do everything from scratch in a month. I'll release the source code soon and will fix and improve some things that could not make into the final delivery.

    My next project will probably be setting up a media centre using the Wii controller as the mouse pointer and included with a "smart home" central to control the garden, the orchard and the AC so we can get home cool. I'll probably install Vivaldi to access Netflix too.

  • I have a pump in the cellar that needs to pump away excess rainwater like 4 times a year. Once in a while the pump doesn't start and I have a flooded cellar. I plan to use the Raspi to send me a notification in case the water raises to a level that indicates the pump is not working. When I don't reply to the Raspi, it will also inform either a neighbor or a contractor. No more flooded cellars! :-)

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