Scripting Custom Speed Dials

  • Good afternoon all,
    On my Windows 10 machine, I have created a PowerShell that handles almost every aspect of detecting the new Vivaldi path, applying my custom.css/custom.js files, updating browser.html, etc. after each application update. The only piece of the puzzle I am missing is to reapply my custom PNG to my Speed Dials. I use a single image for all of them. Pretty quick to manually update, but I thought I'd dropped by and see if this was something was scriptable - then my update script would be complete (which I do plan on sharing once everything is done).

    I am still exploring the Vivaldi paths to see where/how these are stored. Any pointers/ideas are welcome.
    Thanks !

  • Just make a dir that is untouched by updates and set your thumbs from there, and you'll never have to worry about them.
    See my other reply to this subject here

  • @ian-coog - Thank you for the reply. I did exactly as you suggested in my VM (pointed my SD images to my Repository location prior to update), upgraded Vivaldi and everything stayed in place !

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