Closing browser when dev tools (docked) active causes crash, loss of tabs

  • I was fiddling around with developer tools, trying to customize css sheets for a site. Not having any clue about coding it took me a while to accomplish a simple task, with the help of a javascript extension.

    To cut to the chase: Being tired I meant to close the dev tools/inspector window, but accidentally clicked on the upper right hand X - I closed the browser instead.

    No big deal, I thought. I waited a little while, started the browser anew and expected to get right back to work. Not so much. All my tabs were gone, more than 80 of them.

    I have had one or two crashes in the past, or I have sometimes closed the main window and been left with a temporary window with a few tabs. In both circumstances I could find a window with xx tabs in the tab trash can, easily recuperating all tabs. Not this time. There were the most recent tabs in the trash, but no window with all tabs.

    Shame on me for not saving sessions more often, I had become so used to near total stability I forgot the need to. I can recuperate most tabs from memory and with the help of History, so no real disaster. Still, a pretty nasty bug.

    Before writing this I tried to replicate. Anytime I close the browser from a tab where inspector is open all tabs are lost on restart, and no window to be found in tab trash can. I tried to search for this issue, but could not find anything similar, only reports on crashes when undocking or opening inspector in new window.

    Known bug or??

    (Latest stable 1.13 32bit, Win10 64bit)

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    @carrep I think it is a known bug.

    I found this thread from 2 months ago.

    When I was playing around with shortcuts, I think I managed to invoke Developers' Tools, and did something that not only crashed Vivaldi, but rebooted my PC.

    Such freak events are fortunately rare, but so far I have been unable to identify the exact cause.

  • Well, this crash has messed up more than my tabs. The browser no longer restarts with previous session, like it always has. It is still checked in Settings, but every time I close now, on restart no session/tabs.

    (though I can find tabs and window with previous tabs in trash.)

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    Yes, closing Vivaldi while Developer Tools runs in detached window, Vivaldi crashes.
    A known bug.
    You can workaroudn this: use Developer Tools below webpage instead of window.

  • @gwen-dragon
    I did not explain myself with sufficient precision. I was not using dev tools in a detached window, rather docked. So, not quite the same bug.

    Also, any idea why startup with previous session no longer works, what I can do to fix.

  • Bug report sent, VB-35322.

    Any help on what to do to get back restart with session functionality, please?

    Do I need to clean profile, or worse?

    (Fwiw, I did find a saved session, not new but not ancient. Went looking for it in bookmarks like in Opera. That would be nice, to have the option to save session as bookmark and subsequently order/manipulate it. It seems a feature request already exists?)

  • @carrep In a way this already exists. You can right click on a tab and select bookmark all open pages. Now just make an extra folder for them and edit away.

  • @luetage You're right, I had never used that. How does it differ from saving session functionally, do you know, apart from where it gets saved? It says 'all open pages', what exactly does open signify? E.g. with lazy reload of tabs, are they considered open if I have not clicked on them in the current session? I need to experiment with this when I can get startup with last session to work again.

    Somewhat related:
    As per usual I only have one window open.
    Right click on tab, Move tab to
    I get New window
    and below it three windows with 90, 5 and 1 'Active tabs' respectively

    How can these be active tabs if only one window is open?
    There are several windows with a few tabs in tab trash can after I have closed and opened browser just recently. I wonder if the 90 tab window is my old tabs from before the crash today, if so how do I get to it? WIndow panel shows current window with a few tabs and closed tabs trash can with said windows with few tabs plus some single tabs.

  • @carrep If your 90 tab window is still in your trash just open it. And bookmarking all open pages is for current window only afaik.

  • @luetage Sure I would, if it were there. Sorry for not making that absolutely clear. Several windows in trash, but only ones with few tabs.

    How can I even move a tab to a window that seems nonexistent? If I move a tab there the tab disappears from current window and count in nonexistent window goes to 91.

    It seems like crash earlier has messed things up, I never had these issues with Vivaldi, not even after very infrequent crashes.

  • @carrep You don't have to keep guessing. Just backup your default folder to a save location and delete it from your profile. Then try it out and see if everything is back to normal. If so you can go on and copy stuff back to see where it breaks, or just start from anew.

  • Update:
    I didn't have time or patience to try and figure out more last night.

    Perhaps just as well, because after restarting pc today and restarting Vivaldi - 'all that's lost shall soon be found...'

    Should have tried a reboot yesterday; now all seems back to normal. Three windows were opened, two I had fiddled around with last night containing few tabs, more importantly my 90 tab window from before crash(!). Restart with previous session works again, some site specific zoom levels that were changed now back to normal.

    Everything seems like situation before crash, hoping I'm back to previous great stability.

  • After getting everything back to normal I tried to reproduce bug from yesterday.

    Closing browser (by clicking X to close window) when active tab has docked dev tools open causes crash. Subsequent loss of session and possibly other small settings interference.

    I have replied to update bug report.

    I have not tried to experiment with opening dev tools in different sites/domains and then closing browser window, nor have I tried disabling extensions (10 enabled).

    Enough debugging for me for right now, if someone else wants to try reproduce please do so.

  • I got a reply from one of V developers to bug report.

    Bug confirmed. It seems if shutting down browser with dev tools open (whether docked or no I will add) V processes don't close completely.


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