[Bug?] No more search in adress bar

  • I'm used to write a shortcut into the adress bar followed by the search string I'm looking for. For example I write "d vivaldi" for searching for Vivaldi with DuckDuckGo or "x vivaldi" if I want to use ixquick for the same search. This does not work anymore since the last update. I write the whole string, but after pressing enter nothing happens anymore.

    Even If I write "www.vivaldi.net" or "www.vivaldi.com" into the adress bar, nothing happens after pressing Enter, using only "vivaldi.net" without the www doesn't fix the problem. Using "http" or "https" doesn't change the behaviour too.

    Is this only my problem - and how to fix it?

  • Known regression bug in 1.14 snapshot, enable url autocomplete to work around it for now, and there are voices from sopranos saying it's already fixed for next upcoming snapshot.
    That's strange tho, using nickname searches in address bar works for me even with autocomplete off. In any case it seems to always work if you keep autocomplete on.

  • Using autoreply solved the issue, thanks for your reply!

    As this will be fixed, I'm really looking for the next snapshot.

  • fixed in 1.14.1036.3


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