On fullscreen mode, there is a bar at the top with the tab name

  • I just updated vivaldi, and now when I hit Shift+Cmd+F (the shortcut I set for fullscreen), instead of hiding ALL UI there is a bar at the top that has the name of the page I'm on, and in the top-left it shows the close, minimize and fullscreen buttons.

    Here is what the bar at the top looks like:

    Is there anyway I can get rid of this?

  • Moderator

    @flipkidd I filed a bug for this issue last week - VB-35035

    Since it looks like you don't have tabs on top, there is a possible workaround for you until this gets fixed: enable "Use Native Window" in the Appearance settings. You won't get a dark title bar but it will disappear in Fullscreen mode.


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