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  • So VIVALDI survived a secondary Browser for long enough. But there are still things that i miss from Firefox addons, can i have them so i can migrate without losing anything?, this are dumb features but now they are part of my life, i can guarantee that if you implement this people will join VIVALDI more.

    1. Hide navigation bar. Just like hiding the task bar in windows... i like having those extra 3 % of the screen, make it nice, with animations, being able to adjust the response time and sensibility etc. The navigation bar when in "hide" mode it will overlay the website not make it responsive.

    2. Quick save images & others, give us a quick access menu where we can set download directories, like lets say "c:\user\desktop\vivaldimages" etc, and then i can Right click 2 times and it will save to that directory. Then latter i can change the directory easily, right click and choose another "quick save directory", or simply press a button after clicking right click. "Acces key"

    3. Fit any video to screen size, a lost of extension do this, but they simply don't do it correctly, this is specially great for YouTube, have an option to set this to default for any website with a video widget and in YouTube for instance if someone wants to see comments, or get to the search bar they will just click a button in the TAB "like the volume icon" or press a hotkey.

    4. Open VIVALDI on windows start. is there any reason why no browser has this option? is it something that is against some sort of regulations?, why i cant pick "open vivaldi in my second screen with size A and placement B and website C loading as soon as windows starts"

    5. Muti display functionality, lets us send tabs easily to another display, i am searching YouTube videos on the mi display on the right then right click a video and send it to the main screen and the tab will fill the display, or if a vivaldi instance is already opened there it will be added as a tab and probably change the whole thing to fit the screen (if settings are done this way by the user)

    Thats it please, i relaly like how vivaldi is bale to support a lot of tabs opened better than FIREFOX for me at least, i really like the look of it, please add this things so i can uninstall other Browsers.

  • 4)C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

    put here a shortcut for vivaldi, and for everything you wish to be started at boot... the reason why this option is not available on many application...

    for the other wishes, why not it soon christmas and vivaldi is as red and white as santa klaus close... ;o)

    1. Try out pressing F11 (fullscreen mode)

  • @bimlas ctrl + f11 😉

  • @asires o_O Wow... Didn't know that. 😃

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    1. Assign a shortcut to show/hide the Address Bar. Use F2 Quick Commands instead.
    2. Vote for @nujin said in Feature requests for Vivaldi 1.14:

    Ctrl + left click on a image to Download the image.

    1. Drag and drop a tab onto the other monitor. To move other tabs to that window, right-click on a tab, and use Move tab to ...

  • @quetzal
    Thank you ! i indeed know how to male VIVALDI start on windows, the problem is that i would really like VIVALDI to have this options integrated or native, or at least an extension to be created for this let me explain.

    I have a FIREFOX extension that works great for my 3 screen setup. I boot windows and in my second screen to the right i get a full screen Firefox tab with my social media, and in my third screen i get 2 small Firefox windows "on top and bottom" that fit a very specific size and placement criteria.IN my main screen i open Firefox but it is opened minimized on task bar.

    understand what i mean?.

    Horribly enough Windows has a very bad bug where if you set a shortcut to open in /startup folder to minimized it wont... and sometimes it wont even open the program, is not how to say it.... persistent, at leats is what i found in windows 8, 8.1 and windows 10. Windows is not that customizezble in that regard, i am sure there are some third party applications i could be using, but i wish that at any point this comes native to VIVALDI.

    Thank you for the reply. and happy XMAS!

  • @bimlas

    that sincerely is not what i am asking, f11 bring "kiosk mode", or full screen mode which is OK, but i like having my TAB row showing and well... having different size windows while hiding my task bar...

    i know this implementation could be somehow complicated to do in VIVALDI, as we have different objects crossing with the Navigation Bar, like the Panel for instance, or how about if the Navigation Bar has a Bookmark bar... or any other extension specific addition... I understand the struggle.

    In what "panel" is regard, i think they could add some space above the first icon, i think is "Bookmarks" so when you hover over the line to call for the "navigation bar" it will fill exactly that extra space.

    The point is that is 100% worth it, i am sure everyone once this option is released will use it. People don't realize how cool is to have those extra 3% of the display screen, specially for Laptops that are 14 inches for instance.

    So please if you are reading this give this job to someone it is indeed pretty much worth it, Thanks.

  • What's a navigation bar?

  • @pesala

    Your solution to hide the address bar is actually what i am using currently !, i knew that existed. The problem is obviously as i answered before that i like it to be "mouse sensitive" it is amazing to be able to move the hover the mouse over a line and get the Address bar, instead of using the keyboard...small things in life.

    About your "quick image save solution" well... the problem is that opens the download prompt windows... or save it automatically to a directory i can choose well hidden in settings "set to downloads as default". The thing that i need is "double right click" and "right click to change default directory", i work at a local TV station, and we prepare any news that we need by downloading a lot of material the editors need, and i mean, sometimes i only have around 3 minutes to get a folder dispatched to the third floor (editing), so trust me... having the "image save as..." window appear every single time is simply not efficient. But trust me, this is not only for me, i am sure as soon as people get to see the can add a "mouse gesture" to download content quick they will use it, and all other browsers will follow on VIVALDI`s step because it will become something that everybody uses.

  • @pesala

    And i forgot... about your solution to open tab in the second monitor, dragging does not work for me, but this i minor... that is why it was on number 5. Is just nice to have an extra icon to send to my second screen just like in this capture.

    AS you can see my left screen is 17 inches, and my right screen is a VGA display "so different sizes", it even gives you a nice "preview" look of them you can totally customize, if you click the tab will open there that is why i love Firefox addons to be honest...but i hate the browser.

  • @luetage

    This is a navigation bar friend:

    What i am asking for they to implement is a way to hide that, as you can for example hide the Task Bar in windows (the bar where the windows button and all the programs go when minimized, the one in the bottom).

    This way once you move your mouse up the "Navigation bar" will appear.

  • @bimlas

    That is amazing !!!! thanks friend, i had to open notepad as an administrator, will future updates change this script? i hope not, thank you so much.

    For this solution the "hover tool tip" from the tab overlays the Navigation bar, and the bookmark button in the Left panel gets overlay as well...but those are minor problems thank you !!.


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    @hyfrehyfre said in Changing VIVALDI to main browser if...:

    will future updates change this script?

    Yes. Future updates will overwrite common.css. Save just the changes that you make in a safe place (on an external drive ideally), then add back the changes after each update.

    Vote for @luetage said in Feature requests for Vivaldi 1.14:

    Official method to store custom modifications in browser, so they can survive updates. And additionally an inbuilt switch to toggle them? ^^

  • @pesala said in Changing VIVALDI to main browser if...:

    Yes. Future updates will overwrite common.css. Save just the changes that you make in a safe place (on an external drive ideally), then add back the changes after each update.

    Indeed for anyone reading this in the future, it did deleted the script.... Can VIVALDI be the different browser in the market? and actually making a list of request features and delivering them?

    Also that script is not 100% perfect, it will overlay in weird ways, is not impossible to use, it works fine enough, i actually like how it "hides" or makes some parts "transparent". install to see it for yourself.


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