Switching a video to fullscreen switches entire browser to fullscreen

  • Since a couple of dot-releases Vivaldi switches the entire browser to fullscreen, when I witch a (html5) video to fullscreen.

    Didn't find a corresponding option.

    Given that I got one hand on the left side of the keyboard or lazily hanging around and the other on the mouse with F11 being far away from both this is somewhat annoying ... also unexpected (aka chrome doesn't do it).

    Funnily enough there are a couple of older threats, complaining about the opposite (browser switching from fullscreen after leaving fullscreen video)

  • I should clarify:
    You only notice it if you close the tab without exiting the fullscreen first.
    Closing the fullscreen of the video ("f" on youtube), switches the browser back to windowed, too.

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    @cmdrfirewalker How do you decide that the whole browser is in fullscreen mode?

    Try Ctrl+Tab to switch tabs. That can be done easily with the left hand.

  • @cmdrfirewalker I noticed this too. It's gotten better in recent releases, but Vivaldi has problems with fullscreen since the rewrite of the UI. Sometimes the browser even crashes if you get a non fullscreen -- fullscreen tab and then try to exit it with "exit fullscreen" shortcut.

  • @pesala You notice this because the whole UI is missing, and only the site content is shown on a normal non-fullscreen tab.

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    @luetage Of course, on the video tab that is in fullscreen mode there is no chrome, same in Firefox, but how do you decide that the whole browser is in fullscreen mode without switching to other tabs?

  • @pesala I said non-fullscreen tab. Just as OP said, open a video in fullscreen and have other tabs open in the background, then close the fullscreen video tab. Chances are Vivaldi goes seemingly out of fullscreen, but now you are presented with another tab without UI. Toggling UI doesn't work, switching to other tabs presents them without UI again. Sometimes toggling fullscreen with shortcut helps fixing it, other times just a restart does the trick -- and yet other times the browser just crashes. And it's hard to recreate any of these possible scenarios reliably.


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