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  • Why does a "Google" entry keep poping up in the task bar every few minutes? I have tried to click on it when it pops up but no response..I have watched the entries in the Task Manager but so far I have not seen a "google entry" appear. I dont see anything in the settings that would indicate this activity. Anyone know what this is and why it is happening?

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    @kylermd We ought to call them poop-ups not pop-ups.

    Look in Settings privacy to see if there is any setting to disable there.

    This may be a specific web page that is generating the pop-ups, so close it.

  • Thanks for the suggestion.. I just went thru ALL the settings and dont see anything that would be a a candidate for doing something like this. Unless it is hidden in some setting that would not be obvious. Nothing in Privacy that I see. I did notice that every time it pops up, the keyboard is inhibited so maybe it is some other app that I have than may be impacting V...will have to do some looking around in that area...thanks again

  • Ok, Found where it was coming from. It is an extension, FVD Speed Dial Extension. I also have Google as my search engine, thus the sync that was coming up was by Google. I changed the search engine default to Bing and the periodic google scans in the task bar stopped. Dono what was being done in the scan. I will start a trace later and trap the access and see what is in the data packet it is using. I will update when I have something to add.. Thanks

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