Local Files not possible as Speed Dial Bookmarks?

  • I would like to add a locally stored web page (dynamic HTML, CSS & JS) from my bookmarks to the Start Page, but that does not seem to be possible:

    if I enter its URL address file:///C:/Example%20Folder/WebNotes-master/index.html into the "Add Bookmark" box, the "Add" button gets greyed out.

    The file:\ part of the URL seems to be responsible for that - as soon as it appears inside the box, "Add" becomes unavailable. Using a Nickname doesn't work, either.

    Is this impossible by design, or am I doing something wrong?

  • I have just tried adding a file
    it gets converted to
    and it works once clicked from bookmarks
    But this only works if entered in the bookmarks editor, and yes, from the speeddial "add bookmark to speed dial" this transformation doesn't happen.
    Something for vivaldi.com/bugreport
    The workaround for now is to edit the url of the speed dial entry from the bookmark editor (either the one on side panel or in the speed dial itself)

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    @sawo It works for me. I have a home-made home page.

    • I opened the home page
    • I added it to my bookmarks in the speed dial folder

  • Do it in the panel. Open the folder you have marked as speed dial folder and add a bookmark with "+" button. Then just input this local url and give it a name and it will appear in your speed dial.

  • @luetage Thanks, that worked.

    I can't help wondering, though, why adding an URL directly on the Start page does not?
    It seems the more obvious way, and is mentioned in the online Help :anguished:

    Adding a new link to your Speed Dial is as easy as clicking the big ‘+’ button. Once clicked, a dialog will appear in the bottom of the screen where you can enter the link to be added.

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