Open link in new tab?

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    Am I missing something? Where is or is there a setting to open links in a new tab?
    When I click on a link here on the forums or any where else V does not open the link in a new tab.
    I have to keep going back and sometimes multiple times back.

    v1.14 snapshot on a Win10x64

  • Middle mouse button or ctrl+left mouse button open in a new background tab.
    Shift+left mouse button open in a new tab, focused.
    There is no setting to alter default new tab on normal click.

  • @para-noid Whether a link opens in a new tab or not depends on the website. If the Target is set to "New Window," then it should open a new tab, otherwise it should reused the current tab.

    • Use Shift+Click to open a new foreground tab
    • Use Ctrl+Click or Middle-click to open a new background tab
    • Use mouse gestures
    • If you prefer the slow way, use right-click, open in new tab.


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