Is there any guide or info or examples of sidebar extensions?

  • Are sidebar extensions in vivaldi even possible?
    Any API? tutorials?

    Personally I don't really care for the whole 'add a webpanel' feature for the sidebar.. most sites are not designed for sidebars. However I'd be interested in seeing custom vivaldi sidebar extensions as its obviously something unique to the browser and not supported by chrome crap.. and something that many firefox addons were able to do pre quantum garbage. So I'd be interested in learning or seeing what is possible?

    I know vivaldi don't keep the project open source or only release the source months later (no good).. so I assume most the sidebar stuff they've done is directly built in c++? still maybe they have done an api for third parties to make custom ones using other languages?

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    @koolio From what I know, vivaldi has not implemented any sidebar API. You can however run any chrome extension that has a webpage registered at a chrome-extension:// url in a sidebar.

    And I guess with the right mix of content scripts and message passing you could implement whatever you wanted as a "sidebar" extension, much in the same way that some extensions put stuff into a popup that appears when you click a toolbar icon.

  • A sidebar API has zero value at this point, because Vivaldi has no way to distribute extensions dedicated to it, like Opera or Chrome do. I think I've read that this is eventually on the road map, but I'd fear we are talking years here.

  • @lonm hmm well I hope they do some sort of decent api for it that could allow for much better sidebar addons....

    "You can however run any chrome extension that has a webpage registered at a chrome-extension:// url in a sidebar."

    well that is useful to know, I guess some stuff is still possible to achieve.

    So no official place for vivaldi only extensions it seems? just find whatever you can throughout the forums?

    @luetage yeh an official addons/themes gallery for Vivaldi would be good

  • The sidebarAction API (made by Opera, but implemented in Firefox too) is basically the same as the original browserAction API. The only difference is the place where the document is loaded. Instead of a popup bubble, it loads in a sidebar panel. It definitely could be extended with further features, but a basic support of its current state would be enough for the time being. I don't think it would be much work to implement it in Vivaldi. It's just a GUI, no tinkering in the engine.

    By the way, the same stands for the speed dial API.

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