[Feature] Decent split screen /tab browsing...

  • The current implementation of using split tabs in vivaldi is how should say.. awful? terrible? ..ok not great but better than the rest of the garbage browsers out there now :)

    I'd like to point out the best tab split implementation I have ever seen in a web browser goes to Maxthon2 released like 10years ago... it would be great if Vivaldi tried to better it or at least match it.

    I have an old screenshot point out some of the behavior of how it worked...

    https://i.imgur.com/YvKns9t.jpg ..that web browser skin was my design aswel, miss the days of tabs below address bar and above webpage view made way more sense.. unlike this chromium crap design of tabs above addressbar and and even further above webpage view.. so stupid in design :)

    Anyway the feature is essentially the actual tab bar is split aswel, and whichever active panel you are focused on or were last focused on, is the active panel that new tabs are created on..instead of currently they go back out of the split.. making it kinda crap. The UI/UX is also pretty good in that you can drag/drop tabs and slide them over to a different split panel. When the last tab in a panel is removed the split screen is removed and the tabbar becomes one.. There is a lot of functionality built in around it that simply makes it super quick for the user to invoke a tab split, either carry on using it with which active panel they want... or remove it. The best thing about it really is that each split has its own tab bar.. making it super easy to manage and work with.. instead of what seems to the average implementation of this feature from firefox addons to other browser attempting it.. all seem to fail at adding a good user experience to it. Having only a 1 tabbar, and however many splits without knowing which tabs are on which split, is really incredibly crap.. personally I'd rather just have 2splits and 2tab bars to work with, than numerous splits and a single tabbar making the whole experience and workflow of using current implementations just meh not worth bothering with most the time

    Please make this next years wishlist :frog:

  • Tabs below address bar are already possible, with a custom modification.

    Your feature request makes sense, I like this implementation. The problem is no dev will read it here -- please use the current feature request thread instead.

  • @luetage I made a blog post for it aswel.. but yeh it seems there is no single location that is best to put in feature requests..

    I've noticed some of the css customizations for vivaldi have yet to bother getting started with trying to skin and style vivaldi and see what is possible... but I think moving the tabbar back down so its right next to the webpage view is probably the first thing I'll start with... honestly not sure why they don't make that an actual setting in the options menu under appearances.. as its a pretty common view many people prefer...or at least when its styled correctly to fit in..... is no point in just moving it without styling elements like backgrounds etc to make it look right.. and not just forcibly moved where it was not designed to be originally. Be nice if they just designed things right ;D imo anyway

    "Your feature request makes sense, I like this implementation"

    glad you do.. I think many people would prefer it when actually using it.. it just works so much better than any other browser tab splitting implementation I've tried. Many of the firefox ones just allowed all kinds of window splitting some even with individual mini addressbar (would have been fine if the had there own mini tabbar) .. but not they all failed and none of them were that useful. Honestly the biggest reason to tab split for me is often to watch a video in the side.. which is one of those features that would be better off with a proper popout video feature.. that could either be in its own mini window.. or picture in picture.. but tab splitting has so many uses being able to work with the splits with seperate tabbar makes it much more usable generally where you can visually see which tabs are in which window split.

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