Navigation on with gesture or click fails

  • Vivaldi 1.13.1008.34 (Stable channel) (32-Bit) has difficulties navigating sites like Back button, gesture, mouse klick doesn't work f.e.

  • Works for me. Seems like the site is opening a lot of new tabs for no reason when clicking on links (inside). Obviously the back button can't work in this case.
    We had someone post issues with this exact site a while ago. It seems like this is just a badly coded website.

    I went a bit deeper into this site:

    Seems like is offered/made by Ströer Content Group. It's just data mining. They send your "anonymous" data to several other companies for data acquisition. I would really stay away from it, the content is low effort and advertisement focused anyway.

  • I don't experience any problems on this site. I can navigate this page with total normality
    Win 7 32 Vivaldi Last stable, updated today


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