Is there a "Mouse Delete" Option?

  • As a long time Opera user (I actually paid for my copy, I think it was v3.62, though if a v3.27 exists, then I might have had that as well), I am truly enjoying Vivaldi. However, a minor issue is annoying to me, and I hope there is an easy solution:

    • When I highlight a piece of editable text (within the address bar or some text field), there isn't the option to delete the text (the only way to remove the text using a mouse is to cut, which then sends the text to the clipboard, which I don't always want). I have a similar complaint with OpenOffice, which makes me think that the omission of a delete option may be due to some alternate OS standard (maybe most Linux applications behave this way?). Regardless of the reason, is there a simple way to add the delete option following a mouse select of editable text?

    Thanks in advance for any workable suggestion(s)!

  • @mozilla

    1. Settings - Tabs - Tab Handling - Focus Page Content on New Tab
      Uncheck this and it should work.
    2. No "Delete" option on Win 10 too.

  • @retoree

    Thanks, as I was reading another user's post (who had the opposite problem), I figured out the solution. And in fact I edited my original post to remove that question. So I now only have the question about using a mouse highlight to delete text. Any suggestions for that issue?

  • @mozilla I don't think so. As far as I know we can't change items in the context menu, for now.
    Maybe someone is already requested this in the Feature Requests topic.

  • Moderator

    @mozilla There is Ctrl+Click to delete the remainder of the URL after the point clicked. Is that any use?

  • Del key on keyboard is the only way for now to just delete and not cut the highlighted part

  • @pesala
    I'm trying to accomplish the delete without using the keyboard (otherwise I would just use the Delete key directly). Highlighting text with the mouse and then right-clicking normally brings up "Delete" as one of many options with most Windows applications (including other browsers, and apps as basic as Notepad and Windows Explorer - see image below for Explorer example), so it's something I've just been doing for many years.

    0_1512258625809_Delete Example.png

    To me this just seems to be a common function, but as I mentioned in my opening post, I have a similar issue with OpenOffice (which is even more surprising, since one of its modules is a word processor). So that made me think that the right-click "Delete" option may be less common for operating systems other than Windows (otherwise, why not include it automatically in an application?).

    Well others have said that it's currently not built in to Vivaldi, so I'll probably post it as a feature request for future versions.

    Thanks to all who took the time to respond!


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