Keyboard shortcuts affect all windows at the same time

  • Here's a regression in 1.13 I've observed on Linux; I couldn't reproduce this one on Windows.

    When I have multiple windows of Vivaldi open, keyboard shortcuts seem to take effect in all of them at the same time. For example, ctrl+t opens a new tab in each window. ctrl+shift+i toggles the developer tools in the active tab of each window (and also switches focus to another window; I assume it's to the last one in which the shortcut event gets processed). ctrl+w closes the current tab in all windows.

    If it makes any difference, I'm running Gentoo, and I'm using qtile as the window manager. It looks like this affects all windows on the current desktop, but if one window is currently on a different desktop, it's not affected.

    I can try to make a short screen recording when I get home, but it might take me a while.

  • I'm also using Gentoo, but with Fluxbox window manager. I've several Vivaldi windows on same virtual desktop - and don't have this issue on www-client/vivaldi-1.13.1008.32_p1.

  • So I have finally gotten around to recording a video of the bug, it's at It gets particularly funny if I already have multiple windows open, and hit ctrl+n – then the number of windows doubles. And I have to take back the statement from my first comment, where I said that it only affects windows on the current desktop – this is not true, even when I have a window on a different desktop, it still processes shortcuts not directed to it. Also affects private windows, but not windows in completely separate Vivaldi sessions (with a different user-data-dir).

  • Actually I've noticed several times some amount of empty "Start page" tabs in other window, and a couple of times few tabs disappear from other window - I suppose all of this may be related to same issue (if Ctrl-T/Ctrl-W in one window had duplicated effect in another window). But I never was able to actually reproduce this in reliable way. Maybe this has something with amount of windows - I've about 4-6 now, but when I noticed this last time I probably have about 2-3.

  • Vivaldi still has a bug where opening a tab from a popup window (including from Developer Tools) opens two copies, that happens even in Windows. Other than that I don't work with multiple windows on either system ...


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