Source Code Inspect Window unusable (+ other bugs)

  • Hi there,

    Using the latest snapshot with the Sync stuff. Actually didnt get around to testing that, but i noticed some other issues:

    Window management app "magnet" works with every browser but vivaldi. It does sometimes but most of the time it ignores it.
    Source Code Inspect window unusable. Either it doesnt display css at all, or when i try to edit some css it just acts as if i held the first input button pressed.
    The 1password plugin icon on the top right glitches out like crazy. it flickers in and out every second (which is extremely annoying and distracting)

    i wanna love vivaldi and i've been waiting for ages for the sync feature so i could give it another serious shot. But so far the issues that come up with it let me have little hope. I like many features of the browser, but my main concern is usability, speed and performance over all, while still being able to do anything i usually do with chrome. The inspect bug alone would be a dealbreaker to me. Just telling you in case you care in regards to user feedback etc..


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    @farbenfeuer Thanks very much for the feedback.

    Re: Vivaldi's window management, I've also been one of the people that's been pushing for better Mac platform integration, even with macOS's native window and desktop management, and asked (on behalf of the community) about support for 3rd party desktop apps. The good news is that they acknowledge that this is an issue that needs to be addressed... but it's also not something that can be addressed with quick fixes. That makes this another project that's competing for developer resources with other new projects. Feedback, like yours, helps to make this more of a priority.

    Re: keyboard inputs getting repeated in Inspect, I actually filed a bug for this (and it's still open) but I don't think that it was given a high priority because my steps-to-reproduce were a bit obscure and it only reproduces on macOS. If you have a very simple way to trigger this that reproduces consistently, please file a bug at . If it reproduces on other platforms as well, we'll have an even better chance of getting this fixed quickly.

    Re: 1Password, I don't use the application so I can't confirm. Have you tried reporting this to the 1Password developers at ? You can try to file a bug with Vivaldi as well but if it's deemed to be a problem with the extension, the bug will (most likely) simply get closed.

    Thanks again for your feedback and welcome to the Vivaldi community!


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