Greetings from Hungary! Szevasztok!

  • I'm a Hungarian self-made developer who tries to make flexible stuff.

    Earlier I used Firefox browser, Linux OS and Vim text editor, thus I love customizing the environment for my taste. Since Firefox began self-destructive (I mean the compatibility breaking updates which kills its most powerful feature: the plugin ecosystem), I decided to switch. I looked at Chrome, but I didn't want to use it because of Google (evil inside, etc.), then I checked Opera which was a bit better for first view, but I cannot stick with it because of the lack of customization.

    Then I found Vivaldi. I'm absolutely satisfied with this really nice piece of software and I love to be a member of a helpful, innovative and strongly active community. I really like that the forum is more than just a plain board for conversations: it's some kind of "software workshop", where the members sharing their modifications, which can be voted to implement it as a native option of Vivaldi. I love that you are interested in our ideas and needing!

    A big handshaking for all of you!

  • Greetings

  • Greetings and salutations! Here's hoping that vivaldi keeps being a useful tool for your work - enjoy your time with it, and with the family!

  • Welcome! I'm new here too, although I've been using Vivaldi for a while. It is nice that they take feature requests so that people can personalize their experiences further.

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