Copy an alert text content

  • In Opera 12 we could copy a JavaScript popup (alert)’s text content.
    We can no longer do it in Vivaldi, latest version.

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    Confirmed for 1.13 Stable and 1.14 Snapshot.
    And worked on Chromium 62.
    Bug VB-29942 "Can't copy alert box content"

  • It's been 8 months since this topic was last updated. I just installed 1.15.1147.55 (Stable channel) (64-bit) for Windows and the issue is still occurring.

    It appears to be a Webkit issue as the issue is also present with the latest versions of Chrome,Opera and Falkon while Firefox is not affected.

    To test I navigated to URL: and seleted the link: (C) Popup Blocker Performance Capacity Test

    Then in the alert I tried to copy the text: "This test to check your popup blockers .... has a good performance"

    Believe it or not, for monitoring some intranet sites at work I still use Opera 12.18 as it ticks all the boxes for what I require. Just recently our customer portal has been updated and Opera no longer works: the first nail ...

    Vivaldi is very close to perfection ... just this one glitch before I update.



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    @gwen-dragon said in Copy an alert text content:


    I can confirm this for internal daily snapshot, too, and updated the bug report.


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