Border around window (maybe related to VB-34635)

  • I using Vivaldi in maximized window (as usually users does), so when I opening it first, it gets maximized. I using the panel toggle button so when I move the mouse to the left edge of the screen and clicking, the panel appears. This is the expected behaviour.

    With the latest snapshot (1.14.1030.3 x64) I think the window got a border (about 1px) which prevents opening the panel as I did earlier. If I hitting the window's maximize button twice, the window becames really maximized, the border disappears.

    alt text

    The upper-left image is the first start, the others are taken after hitting maximize button twice.

    PS: It seems that "Remove tab spacing in maximized window" does not works first because of this.

  • @bimlas Submit a Bug Report

  • @pesala Firstly I wanted to be sure that the issue exists for other users too.

  • @bimlas Yes it has been reported in the latest snapshot thread. I can also reproduce it.

  • @pesala I reported the bug. A question about bug reporting: it says that my Vivaldi version is 1.95.1030.3 but I using 1.14.1030.3 which I wrote as version. Should I not to change the default value in the future?

  • @bimlas It doesn't matter if you change it or not. They know that they are the same version. It is just a user-agent issue.

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