The launch effect of the browser is very ugly

  • 0_1512021158705_loding.png

    Can I turn this off?

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    @eightpigs Probably not. It's just a background placeholder while your starting page loads. One thing it does is prevent you from being assaulted by a horrible while flash while waiting for the first page. It doesn't take any resources or increase the load time. It's just a background.

  • @ayespy However, the previous version does not have this background image, I do not like this background placeholder. This makes me feel the software is turned on very slowly.

    Hopefully there are off options.

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    @eightpigs A previous version did not have it because it employed a very different (and measurably slower and heavier) window-handling method. I am sure more customizations will be available in the future - but what you are seeing now is partly a result of a fairly massive re-write which had a marked beneficial effect on window and tab handling speed.

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    The gray background with logo was introduced to reduce white-flashing while opening or switching tabs. The concern was better accessibility for people with special needs.

  • @ayespy OK, I try to adapt to it. but .... you know , Very not used

  • If you really don't want to see this (default) background, maybe you might want to post a feature request to replace the gray background (for example) with the default page background (unicolor or image) from the Vivaldi settings...?

    I don't think there is a way to make the display-window/fill-window time gap disappear, so something has to be displayed there and then...

  • You can change the background to any color you like, and you can remove/replace the image. It's just some code in browser.html that's controlling this. Easily accessible.

  • @luetage O, It's Good. :grin:

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