Hello world!

  • Hi everyone! I've been a Vivaldi fan since the tech preview days, but just created my account here today. I was also an Opera 12 user a few years ago, so of course it's been exciting to see a new browser finally bring back a high level of customization and lots of features. I think it's safe to say that Vivaldi is already a better browser than the old Opera. 🙂

    I'm primarily a snapshot user, as it's nice to get access to features early. Some of my favorite features include the colored tabs (and Philips Hue integration!), tab stacking, mouse gestures, page capture, and of course the speed dial. I could go into detail as well, but I'll keep it short on that for my introduction post.

    I'm enjoying Vivaldi a lot and it's nice to see it improving further as updates roll out!


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