Shallow annoying narcissism reaches new level.

  • Today I was in a Starbucks, buying juice and a reduced fat coffee cake, when I heard the following exchange occur: Barista (speaking to the woman behind me): 'Mam, there are no selfie's in the cafe.' Selfie-taking woman: 'But the lighting is so good!' She was taking a photo of herself in the queue at Starbucks. She was undoubtedly going to post the image on Facebook and send it as a Tweet as well. Could anyone be more vapid? Starbucks should be commended for setting their no selfie policy and the barista commended for enforcing it. Apart from the supreme annoyance of having to watch her take a selfie of herself doing nothing unique or significant, other people would involuntarily be appearing in photos that gets circulated online while they are trying to have a coffee. I loathed the concept of the 'selfie' even before today. I also loathe the word. I wonder how she would have captioned the photo.

  • No wonder they never allowed it, they could have been in court for data protection of customers.

    You *have to obtain 'permission to include the public in any photograph and give them a copy. If you did that in Dubai you would be jailed without question. I was reading that just the other day.

    A couple are/were in jail for taking a picture of a plane and making notes… they were plane spotters.

    Selfies mean exactly that...selfies/you/me. I hate having my pic taken anyway.


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