Apps for Fedora 27 vs Linux Mint 18

  • Testing a Linux Mint Live DVD, noticed apps like Krita, Inkscape and others were older versions vs Fedora's updated versions, which I using. Is this normal?

    LM 18 Xfce just just looks nice and finds my Graphics Tablet 😎
    But beauty could only be theme deep?

    Going have to update Fedora 25 to 27 thinking about distro hopping? But F25 works ok for me, so that may be a bad idea?

  • @640k Hi. For users wanting up to date program packages, Mint [all its DEs] is a sub-optimal choice. They even wear it as a badge of honour; scan thru' the forums there & you'll quickly find HEAPS of threads on this topic, with the repeated-over-&-over-&-over trope that Mint is deliberately conservative for stability, & avoids newer packages in case they break the OS. Consequently Mint users are stuck with frequently obsolete versions of programs that lack improved functionality, or contain bugs long-fixed in later versions, or both.

    If you want current packages with robust distros, Manjaro & openSUSE Tumbleweed are fine options [both offer choices of DE]. Another distro with almost-as-current pgms too, is KaOS, but only if you want a pure KDE Plasma5 Qt experience.

  • Is it true Manjaro has Security Problems? I have come across that several times.

    The last time looked openSUSE was a 4gb download. The Fedora Design Suit 27 is only 2.1gb. While the F27 Workstation is 1.5gb, FDS27 is based on that with everything ready to work 😉

  • @640k Based on research i just did after reading your post, IMO it seems that in 2013 & 2015 there were some ugly online conflagrations about some perceived security issues. Whether or not any of the alleged flaws were true or not, i found difficult to discern, as much of what i read apparently emanated from rabid Arch fanboys who seemed to harbour palpable contempt for Manjaro as a project, & its Devs.


    In 2015, the author of that harsh 2013 critique issued this somewhat conciliatory update:

    Manjaro themselves had these:


    I have no expertise, nor deeper knowledge about this that those links, but my tentative conclusion is that there might or might not have been some degree of problem some years ago but it's resolved now. I'd welcome more knowledgeable commentary on this.

    Yes, the TW download ISO is large, which is a PITA. My partial deflection question would be; how many times will you install it, compared to your subsequent daily use of it?

  • Some of the business-oriented distros tend to older versions for stability reasons. RedHat and SuSE will both be a version behind their "community" distros (Fedora and OpenSUSE, respectively). As Steffie said, some distros want to be bleeding edge; some want the stability of "tried and true" ... and of course some cater to older hardware which may not be supported by some newer versions of software. Different strokes for different folks, as they say.

  • I tried a new Mint Xfce 18.2 liveDVD... Same old graphic apps, even on download...

    Looked Manjaro they had 3 choices w/ no explanations. Also the forum strangely did not have too many posts from 2017.

    Manjaro XFCE 64-bit
    Manjaro XFCE (sha1sum)
    Manjaro XFCE (signature)

    On the bright side FDS27 LiveDVD worked good, & GNOME was more polished... I still prefer Xfce DE. I seen some users were having Colour Matching problems it; so for now G3.

  • Mint is a "tweaked" Ubuntu distro with Cinnamon DE and some special in house applications, nothing more.
    So we are talking about getting the latest versions of specific applications on Ubuntu.
    Ubuntu doesn't focus on latest versions, it focus on no package conflicts and stability.
    If you really need the latest version of a specific application PPA is your friend.

  • Now that the newest version of Linux Mint 18.3 ships with Flatpak out of the box, you could theoretically be able to get the latest version of any app, even on an LTS base, without dealing with missing dependencies, package conflicts, or PPA's. So you could probably have the latest version of apps in both distros.

  • @dodona Cinnamon is merely one DE, not the DE, available with the Mint distro. It also has LMDE, Xfce, MATE, & for a little while longer KDE.

    Furthermore, as already mentioned by @D0J0P , PPAs are not the only option for enjoying the benefit of updated s/w. Snaps, Flatpacks & AppImages offer considerable benefits, for those interested.

  • @steffie

    Correct. It has other flavors too apart from Cinnamon. I just don't see why someone who likes MATE for example and wants an Ubuntu based distro would use Mint and not Ubuntu MATE. I don't see the point:) You don't get the latest LTS etc. Cinnamon is the "selling point" of Mint, like Unity was the "selling point" of Ubuntu. It's just my personal point of view, nothing serious:)
    Snaps is not the best option for now, there is no theme support and you will probably end up with apps looking like "aliens" on your desktop.
    Flatpaks are a better solution right now, they have added theme support and flathub has a nice collection of apps.

  • @dodona said in Apps for Fedora 27 vs Linux Mint 18:

    Snaps is not the best option for now, there is no theme support and you will probably end up with apps looking like "aliens" on your desktop.

    Yes, i really agree with your point here. A couple of months ago i was investigating how to get the latest KeePassXC in my oS TW. I tried Snap & AI versions. The Snap worked, but i just hated it aesthetically; its ugly GNOME/gtk3 visuals were completely jarring against my otherwise nicely themed Plasma5 desktop. Conversely the AI worked ok, but it just kept irritating me in that each time i launched it, it mounted another Loop Device, but never bothered removing its previous one at closure [so over time a stupid amount of LDs accumulated]. IMO such behaviour is "rude" & undesirable.

  • @640k Those last two (sha1sum and signature) are respectively a checksum and a digital signature for verifying the integrity of the first one. If you look at a directory where the file sizes are included it would be obvious that only the first is an actual DVD image

  • Thanks for the info 😎
    Manjaro needs to make that info just a little more noob friendly 😉
    With Mint & Fedora it's real simple.

  • @640k Yes, i do tend to agree with you a little bit. I first tried Manjaro in 2015 & it scared the skirt off me, so i limped back to Mint KDE. However now with a few more years of Linux in my purse, a week ago i looked again at Manjaro [KDE]. I tested it initially in a VM in my Tower's openSUSE Tumbleweed [which itself was a big learning curve for me once i chose to leave Maui back in June], & i was really seriously impressed with it, consequently replacing oS TW with it on Lappy. I'm still learning it now, but i gotta say, if one persists & is happy to learn, it is looking like a marvellous proposition. This outcome amuses me... til not that long ago really i assumed that i would never choose a rolling release distro, & i would never choose any Arch-based distro. Ha. So, clearly it's your choice, but i suspect that you could end up liking Manjaro...

  • I updated to Fedora 27, which seams tad more faster. Even my old Wacom Tablet is now working with Wayland 😎

    The only problem is the 4 Tablet Buttons don't map in the correct order. Other than that, it works 😉

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