Sync is here, help us test it – Vivaldi browser Snapshot 1.14.1030.3

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    @mariap said:

    It’s here – the first Snapshot with Sync. Now we need your help to test it.

    Known issues

    • The synchronization of Settings is not complete yet.
    • Only a subset of Settings are covered at the moment. I am hoping to get this improved soon.
    • It is not possible to change or recover your password from the Sync UI. You have to manually navigate to to change or recover your password.
    • [Mac] [Regression] Only the user who has installed *Vivaldi in Applications has the permission to launch it (VB-35083)
    • Thumbnails and bookmark favicons are not synched at the moment.


    • [New] Sync
    • [Mac] Redo shortcut does not work (VB-33192)
    • [Mac] Vivaldi launches with maximized window (VB-35034)
    • [Linux] Problems installing Vivaldi rpms on distros that use the fork (VB-15950)
    • [Regression][Win] Borderless windows (VB-34635)
    • [Regression] Cannot scroll PDFs with scrollbar (VB-34533)
    • [Regression] HTML5 full screen – F11 does not reset to correct window size (VB-34934)
    • [Regression][IME] Search words selected and disappear in address bar (VB-34617)
    • [Regression] When creating a new folder in bookmark panel, the title field should automatically get the focus (VB-19259)
    • [Settings] Active tab reverted to Startup when zooming (VB-34481)
    • [Settings] Startup pages are lost (VB-35003)
    • Deleting download breaks keyboard navigation (VB-34417)
    • Panel animates when window opens (VB-34529)
    • Reduce page load progress updates (VB-34591)

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    Página de ajuda oficial: Sync (FAQ)

  • Alguem testando?
    Encontraram muitos bugs ou problemas?


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