Reader Mode Feature Request

  • I would like to see a feature similar to the reader mode on the iOS Safari browser. On certain sites it removes all the clutter of ads and other unsightly visuals. It makes it easier to read articles and other online literature. Maybe it could also have a night mode to make it easier on the eyes when reading in a dark room. I couldn't help but think that Apple probably has a copyright or a patent on that idea and that's why no other browser that I know of has implemented this feature. I hope this is not the case so that Vivaldi can implement it. I also realize not everyone enjoys reading, so maybe it can be an option in the settings to have a small button appear and/or a keyboard shortcut to activate this. It could also be one of the page actions. On a side note, I don't find all the page actions particularly helpful, so I think it would be great if you could choose which page actions appear on the list.

  • I have used Readability on O12 and other browsers. It does a nice job of making a page very clean. I haven't tried in in V but hope it will work in the future (or maybe it does now?). I think Readability would be less work than V making it's own.

  • I have used Readable on every browser so far. It's probably the most crucial bookmarklet in my eyes. It was bought by evernote and is currently implemented in their clearly extension for opera/chrome/etc.

    I don't think the reader mode in safari is patented, actually microsoft is about to release their edge browser, which will also feature a reader mode that gets rid of clutter.

    In my personal dream scenario vivaldi is going to implement something like this native and make it customisable, so that everyone can style the text/page to their own liking and preferences. (hint, hint) (:

  • It would still be good to have a built-in feature for this. Extensions come and go, they can't be trusted for everything. It's like buying a program or a game that only works online, once the service is shut down you are left with a finger in your mouth - you can't use/play it anymore, nor you get your money back.

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    The Readability mode in Page Actions works only on some pages. It needs some improvements.

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    Readability in Page Actions is the Google code, basically. It's pretty flippin' lame if you ask me, but better than nothing. And yes, it only works on some pages, poorly on others, and not at all on still others. For those looking to see easier access to reader mode, stay tuned.

    There has been some discussion about Vivaldi writing its own code for readability and, to be sure, one of our Sopranos has actually written his own. It has features which are better than the google code, and features which are worse. It's very hard to strike a good balance. It's quite a difficult balancing act to "improve" the readability of a page without breaking it altogether, and the way some pages are written, there really is just NO practical way to make them more readable.

    All that said, as I say, stay tuned.


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