Fail to notify of update on desktop

  • My laptop successfully notified me of an update for Vivaldi. However, my desktop hasn't notified me as of yet. Still using Vivaldi 1.12 as of now. Why hasn't it notified me? (I know I can do this manually on the website)

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    @lmxq You can also go to Menu/Help/Check for Updates to initiate the auto update process. Check in your Settings to ensure that update notification is enabled. If it is, then it will only check for updates and notify you about once every 24 hours - and if you have more than one version of Vivaldi installed, it will only do it for one of them. So if you check manually at any time, you also re-set that 24-hour clock.

  • Apparently, someone unchecked the button. I neglected to check it because I figured it'd be on because I didn't touch that. I mean, who'd shut that off? Thanks!

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