1.13 bugs: crashes, tab cycling order

  • First, long live Vivaldi. ❤

    Next, my long-standing un-fixed bug report: right-click-down for new tab will open a link from the last-viewed tab if you right-click-mousewheel to change tabs first. For example, reading the news, flick to a forum, try to mouse-gesture a new tab on a blank space on the forum page, it'll open up a link from the news site if I happen to click on the space where a link exists. I can't see it, but Vivaldi still thinks it's active. Been happening since mousewheel tabswapping became a thing.

    Now, two new bugs:

    Vivaldi 1.13 just disappears a lot. No error, no dialogue, no 'something went wrong' on the next startup. You're just using another app, maybe it's IRC, maybe it's inkscape, whatever - and suddenly Vivaldi's just gone.

    Tab cycling with right-click-mousewheel is inaccurate and frustrating in this version. Right-click-wheeldown should go to the previously viewed tab, and usually it does, but quite often it goes to a tab you haven't viewed in a while. This never happened before... (EDIT: It may be a result of the mouse cursor position hovering over a different tab. Why this is desirable is beyond me).

    Finally, a reminder: the huge thumbnail tab cycler is terrible. Please add an option for an Opera-style vertical list. I can't parse thumbnails as quick as words, and the highlight is tremendously ineffective.

    Finally (again): sorry for starting a new topic. I searched for these issues and couldn't find it, but there's just a huge amount of traffic here and quite honestly I feel like I'm shouting into the void. I'll be back in six months to re-re-report these issues. 😉

  • Akismet flagged the post as spam, but let it through the second time. That's some ineffective filtering right there. 😉


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