Make Tamper Chrome work under Vivaldi Linux?

  • I used to use FF and regularly used Tamper Data for my work.
    Using Chrome, found Tamper Chrome (extension and App) to work similarly.
    I cannot for the life of me get this to work in Vivaldi. I checked all support sites. closest I get was to enable the check box for "Controlled by Extension:" under the Tabs preference but that option is greyed out (unselectable) in my Linux install (1.12.955.48 (Stable channel) (64-bit))

    Has anyone gotten positive results with Developer tools and Tamper?

  • The controlled by extension setting does nothing in this case. It's meant for extensions that provide a custom new tab page. Vivaldi just has a different implementation of devtools compared to chrome. This might be a minor issue or a serious one. I'd contact the developer and ask them for guidance. Fact is the "Tamper" tab isn't being created in devtools.

    edit: Also I just noticed Tamper Chrome is dependent on a chrome app install. Chrome apps will be deprecated in first quarter 2018, from this point on you won't be able to run this extension anyway (other than on ChromeOS).

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    @meta4 said in Make Tamper Chrome work under Vivaldi Linux?:

    Tamper Chrome

    A bug with Vivaldi, it does not add a new tab to developer tools, same issue as with some other extensions. 😞

    Bug VB-35079 "Tamper Chrome extension does not add tab in Developer Tools"


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