Vivaldi 1.13 and the startup page cannot be changed and eliminated

  • I have set and configured speeddial as the Start Page and the individual page - everytime I start the browser, the basic Vivaldi startpage comes on.

    Please give me an idea how to handle this annoying issue.

  • Moderator

    @ghosten Please try to be more clear. Start Page and Speed Dial are the same thing. By what do you mean "the individual page?" Do you mean home page?

    You can set ANY folder within your bookmarks to be displayed on the Speed Dial/Start Page. If I am not mistaken, it sounds as though you have a folder called "Speed Dial," which you do not have set to display on the Start Page, and when you start the browser, since you have "speed dial" set as the page to show at startup, you get the start page (which is what that setting means) but you don't have the contents you want on that Start Page. Am I getting this wrong?

    Or are you using a Speed Dial EXTENSION, which is what you would rather see?

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