What’s in a term: Snapshot vs Stable

  • @morg42 said in What’s in a term: Snapshot vs Stable:

    I'd like to propose to add some kind of ... well, disclaimer, in want of a better word, to the download section of the snapshot blog.

    This is a nice idea in theory and while it might even double up as some kind of salvatory clause for Vivaldi ("We told you that it may destroy all files on your computer and melt your CPU to slag, didn't we?"), I can confirm from experience that it does not stop anyone from using it. Usually nobody reads it or simply ignores it, because many people were trained to see "beta" the same as "stable" because some huge companies like Google (and some others too) slapped it for years on almost every product or service they offered and such watering the meaning down.

  • @quhno Sadly, I'm well aware of this. Moreover, many companies ship software of alpha or beta quality and label it as stable, so that might have to be expected.

    Still, for those who care to read, this might at least be a clear indication of what they are about to do. And I'm far away of recommending salvatory clauses...

    I am not inclined, however, to give up the hope that at least 5% of repeating user questions regarding non-functional beta features might be spared for the moderators 😉


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