Settings Panel is Frozen

  • This is the most problematic of the Vivaldi versions I have used. Many serious problems. I wish I had not let Vivaldi update after getting an email about a new version.

    The settings panel is frozen and the vertical scroll bar will not scroll. Plus, I have to place my mouse on the setting ABOVE the one I wish to access and click on it to get the setting I want to display. Then I cannot scroll down because scroll is frozen.

    0_1511861263058_Monday, November 27, 2017 23;14;01001.png

    Plus, I just noticed I have little square boxes for options when composing. I didn't have that problem until this version. If I mouse hover over each little square it tells me what it is for.

    I suspect all the problems are related to the semi-functioning Windows control buttons since the update of Vivaldi. I'm on Windows 8.0 Pro. the blink of an eye just now, I lost my taskbar and address bar, everything except this window!

  • Latest version doesn't freeze settings for me.
    Plus you have square boxes because the corner rounding is set to 0px in your theme.

  • @luetage

    What does the boxes being sleek square rather than fat looking rounded have to do with them being blank squares? I have no idea what each is for unless I mouse hover over each of them and I was asking about that.

    What about the frozen Settings Panel? One thing I cannot access now in this version is Cookies! I need to be able to manage cookies or this browser is unusable.

    Why does the browser suddenly, for no reason, go full screen? That was what happened earlier. I didn't click on anything to make that happen.

    Plus, color background does not constitute a THEME! This browser has no themes. Opera 12.18 has themes...beautiful ones.

  • Worth checking disabling mods (css/js), if you have them.
    I had settings slowdowns - then fixed - with faulty mod.

  • The problems are all related to the Windows Control buttons which, until this version of Vivaldi, worked correctly.

    When I click on tools/settings a small popup box appears and the right side vertical scroll bar is frozen. If I click on the "minimize" Windows control button that CLOSES the popup window instead of minimizing it to the task bar. If I click on "restore/maximize" (middle button) that minimizes the popup window. If I click on "Close" that closes it.

    How do I fix this?

    0_1512037882389_Thursday, November 30, 2017 00;02;54001.png


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