Vivaldi portability Issues: Not saving extensions

  • Hello!

    Recently switched from Opera to Vivaldi and I am enjoying the browser so far. I have it on my USB stick because I am not always on the same computer. Everything except extensions seems to stay from PC to PC. Does anyone know where Vivaldi stores the rest of it's data?
    I tried making a batch file and using different commands:
    appdata & localappdata / settings userprofile / vivaldi.exe --data-path "%CD%\data"
    None of these worked.
    I know strangely enough that for LastPass it wouldn't keep the extension but after reinstalling it remembered the data, so it seems to keep extension data but not the extension itself.

    Thank you for reading!


  • Vivaldi encrypts the user's passwords and extensions, based on the user's system and user-account hashes at the time and place of Vivaldi installation. Hence neither of those file-type contents are accessible from another system or from another user account. This is a privacy feature in all browsers using the chromium engine unless the browser maker elects to somehow provide his own coding for an entirely separate privacy-protection architecture.

  • Well that sucks and is good at the same time I guess.


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