Win 10 Beta 64 Build 9926 and win 7 64 (Dual Booting)

  • Issues noted: Win 7 - Logging on - In spite of checking "remember me" Vivaldi comes up recognizing me as Guest the "remember me" is now unchecked. but my password and user ID are already filled in. So if I click log in along with rechecking "remember me" I get logged in. Might as well just log me in directly. win 10 - both download versions 1) The installer does not register Vivaldi so it does not show up in the Control panel list of programs to be uninstalled or repaired. Same for Wise Absolute Uninstaller and Glary Utilities. 2) Shortcuts only work if "Run as an Administrator" is used. But I am already logged on as an Administrator. One other thing - Where is this Bug wizard you refer to? Overall I really like Vivaldi, and have set it as my default. Might as well check it out along with win 10

  • @whturner:

    … One other thing - Where is this Bug wizard you refer to?...


  • The browser remembers your ID and password and fills them in for you, but the website really doesn't remember you.


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