• Re: [Enable Google Chrome Sync (e.g. bookmarks](passwords and settings))

    Hey guys, All good?

    Nice. Love you all. Thanks for the community work. Beautiful stuff.

    Listen, where's Vivaldi BOOKMARK Own Sync? I'd love to develop it help is needed code/project-wise.

    Much love/
    sent from a 90's notebook that runs even netflix with Vivaldi ;]
    not on debian though, lubuntu 16 LTS. LOVE LOVE LOVE :B

  • btw since google is evil (Aaand I kinda of feel it too after studying data science and ethics on college),

    Where should I go to? I love android, gdocs, and I've put my whole life "on the cloud" with GDrive.

    Love you all.

    I realize that's another topic, sorry in advance. MUCH LOVE. AGAIN ^^

  • Moderator

    Backstage the devs and testers are working on Sync for all browser data.
    Sync is in progress and all i can say: it works nice for us internal testers.
    Please have patience, wait next months for a upcoming (i hope so and i do not know when!) Vivaldi Snapshot showing first Sync.

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