Picked wrong client certificate - how can I change it?

  • Hello,

    Upon first visiting an internal workplace web site which requires SSL certificate authentication, I accidentally picked the wrong certificate from the pop-up menu and now I can't authenticate with that site.

    So far I failed to find a way to make Vivaldi ask me again for another certificate or clear my choice.

    When I try to browse to the site in an Incognito window I get the pop-up window and can choose the right certificate, but this doesn't help outside incognito.

    So the question is - how can change the certificate?


  • Moderator

    @gliderflyer I can't test or verify this on my system at the moment, but if you launch Keychain Access.app either from /Applications/Utilities or from the "Other" group in Launchpad, do you see the unwanted certificate stored in your keychain? Look in the login keychain under either "Certificates" or "My Certificates".

  • @xyzzy yes I see it both under "System"/"Certificates" and "System"/"My Certificates" (the category with the gray background below).
    0_1511825248493_Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 10.27.02 AM.png

    I can also see the certificate I want to change to.
    Do you have suggestions on next steps?



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