Keyboard Shortcut Conflicts

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    I am still seeing some keyboard shortcuts that do unexpected things. I suspect that most bugs have been logged already.

    • I have shortcut 1 assigned to the Bookmark Panel, but I see that it also assigned to Previous Tab by Order.
    • I have 2 reserved for Mail Panel, but it is also assigned to Next Tab by Order. It does nothing
    • Ctrl B does not bold text on this forum, but does on other forums like Serif Community Plus (The markup is the same: two aserisks either side.
    • I can assign ` to shortcuts, but apparently mikeab cannot. Is that because I use a UK Advanced keyboard setup?

    @mikeab said in Feature requests for Vivaldi 1.14:

    Add the ability to select a key `

    Close Tab_____=> `

  • You too, eh?

    Some of my hotkeys stopped working or work sometimes but dependent upon things like the keyboard cheat sheet window being open.

    The Vivaldi dev team broke something between this version (see below) and the previous one.

    Vivaldi 1.13.1008.32 (Stable channel) (32-bit)
    Revision 77adcb151ed0cb55bbef3bdf776c8338b651ebaf-
    OS Windows

  • I wonder if the issue with scrolling extensions that use the middle or right mouse button is related, or a different manifestation of the same issue.

    Scrollbar-Anywhere like extensions stopped working for me in the latest 1.13 version, using middle or right mouse buttons. Left mouse button still seems to work.


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